The Hosts


The lead host of the podcast.  He hails from the days of bomb bots with jump packs, packing virus grenades.  Oh yes, it was glorious.  He has been in the Warhammer 40k hobby since ’92 and his love for the hobby as expanded as quickly as GW’s product line.  His multiyear experience performing in a rock band has given him a keen ear for audio and he uses that to deliver the best sound possible.  Peter is a Taurus, enjoys long walks on the beach, meaningful conversations and a good sense of humor.  He enjoys gaming with his friends at the local shops, enjoying a pint with a friend over the war table at home or general hobby while Skyping with his buddies.


Mark started playing 40k back in 1989 in a basement filled with modified styrofoam and bashed G.I. Joe tanks. Later he joined the group D-Company in Milwaukee, and when the legendary staple FLGS Napoleon’s closed he took on the task of becoming the community table for the group. During that time he became interested in narrative gaming. Through the decades he’s consistently played Orks, even sticking with them through the duration of the 1998 Ork codex. After moving to Madison he hung up his Choppa and started playing Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Eldar. Peter ambushed him in a liquor store and he immediately found his place in the Madison 40k scene. He fondly remembers the days of scratch-built deodorant container grav-tanks and is an admirer of conversions, kit bashing and vintage models.

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