Episode 38; A Journey in Writing

Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Segment 1: So you want to be a writer. Peter Walks through his journey in writing. Advice received in the Adepticon Black Library classes. Suggestions for moving your own writing goals forward as well as where he plans to go from here.

Segment 2: Mark and Peter answer listener questions on running campaigns, map campaigns, narrative missions and the possibility of a Battle for Detros Mitus mission pack.

Battle for Detros Mitus: We take you back a few years to where it all began.

Episode 38

Episode 037: The Narrative Guys

Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress, the busyness of life and the endless uses of packaging tape.

Segment 1: We finally come back to the Bandrois Campaign, discuss our game, new unique rules and plan our future narrative game in the series.

Segment 2: Peter has an excellent interview with his good friends Dan and Glenn from The Narrative Guys. They say everything is bigger in Texas, it definitely holds true with the narrative gaming. They discuss getting started, highlights and pitfalls, as well as designing gaming tables. As important as learning the use of three seashells, learn the three rules of having a good time at a narrative event.

Battle for Detros Mitus: A changing of the guard brings Detros Mitus a new commander and a new war. Glavious receives the order he’s been waiting so many long months to hear.
(music in this audio drama is Head Space 2 provided by Thomas Prislac of PDXvoiceteacher)

Episode 037

Episode 035: Three Crazy Questions

In our 35th episode,

In our 2017 Holiday Episode, Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress, fun with didgeridoos and other sure to be interesting topics.

Segment 1: We discuss the exiting year of 2018 and what we want to see in 2019

Segment 2: We have some fun buy asking three random questions to one another.

Battle for Detros Mitus: Chapter 3 Compilation

(music in this audio drama is Head Space 2 provided by Thomas Prislac of PDXvoiceteacher)

Episode 035

Celebrate with us!

NGC40k is celebrating another anniversary!  Mark and I are clinking beers to two exciting years behind the mic together.  We’ve had a lot of fun sharing our gaming experiences with you, bringing you along as we explore the 40k universe Games Workshop created and even creating a bit of our own.

We want to raise a glass with our great fans during the anniversary show.  We will be on Facebook Live for the first time from Pete’s bar during the show and will share a drink with our friends from around the world.

In addition, we’re going to give away a few t-shirts to listeners of the show.  To get in the drawing, ‘like’ this post on our Facebook page or ‘like’ and ‘share’ it on twitter.  We will be announcing winners during the show.

I’ll post a date for the event over the weekend.

Still Here!

Hey folks,

It have been asked this in a few messages now and I wanted to put some minds at ease.  People thought we may have stopped, since the long pause between episodes.  Don’t worry, we are still here.  Schedules have been busy and my computer has been acting up making me nervous to record.

Since our last episode Mark and I have played one of the Red Waaagh missions and we can’t wait to tell you about it.  Also, I just picked up a new PC and soon I’ll be ready to rock n roll out some new audio dramas.

We will be back to recording very soon.

In the meantime, celebrate the new edition with us, like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter @ngc40k to get into the giveaway drawing.  Here’s what I have waiting for this months lucky gamer.


HC3D Bio Terrain

Horizon Creation 3D has some great Bio Terrain, perfect for creating a Tyranid invaded world.    I thought this terrain was perfect for my 40k Warzone Valedor table that I made for the 2017 Apoc Luck series.  Painted up in Leviathan, Kraken or a scheme of your own, this terrain will look great on your table top and really pull you into the story.

He was so kind as to give us a Tech Terrain Kit to give away.

To win this kit, like our Facebook Page NGC40k Podcast or follow us on Twitter @ngc40k

I will be picking a winner the last week of April.

The last rays set

The sun hung low in the western skies.  The last rays streaking through the branches of the turning foliage.  The smell of liquid courage in the air.  I make love to my left for what may be the last time.  I don my heaviest armor, the ever holy Armor of Deetelion Deepwoods.  I pray to the machine spirit and perform the sacred rituals, taught to me by the priests of Mars themselves.  The twirling blades of death remain sharp in the wind, churning the air until they finally create a mighty gale.  The likes of which hasn’t been seen since the release of Spinal Tapelious Scent of the Gauntlet.  I in my armor and my chosen weapon of doom in hand, I enter the thickening forests of my lands.  In high gothic I scream out my battle cry, the echoes of which reach the edges of property and beyond, “Imago Leroy!”  Vast volumes of flying Mosquite Dragons awaken from their daily slumbers to meet me.  Swarms so thick, only the light of the Astronomicon itself preventing me from losing sight of my path.  My mouth sinched shut from the daemons.  I clear my back gardens of ever thickening blades of green and by the will of the Emperor I return.  I return without injury to my homelands, to the warm walls of my sanctuary, my bastion. As the last rays set I know I will live to see a new set rise in the east and my journey into the forest is staved for another quarter moon.