Industrial Terrain

Necromunda is all over the place.  Games Workshop has done an incredible job reintroducing this game to their fans.  The setting has a strong hive city industrial feel and has people searching for some unique bits and boards.

There is some great terrain out there for it and Wargames Tournaments has two differing terrain sets for this along with all the goodies to make it pop.  When I first found them I was blown away by the industrial board and I knew I wanted that to be one that we picked up during our store terrain drive.


The Industrial Set.  I mean look at it, this thing is cool.  These give me so many ideas, including having them fighting across the roof top of a large factory.  Put some tubing up the center of the towers and you’ve created smoke stacks with overhead gantries and service platforms.

Since then they have expanded this to include other pieces that you could easily tie into this set have stand on it’s own.

Wargames Tournaments has even added an entirely new set called the Slot and Stack industrial set.  The cool thing about this set is that it is modular, meaning you can configure it in as many ways as you can dream up.  It is also designed to be taken apart after each game for easy storage.  The pieces of the kit have less removed surface area, making them stronger for wear and tear of assembling and disassembling.  The burn in designs mean it’s not sacrificing detail to achieve that balance.


What good is a industrial complex without a crane.  How bout a really big crane!


I so want this thing.

And of course a board is never complete without scatter terrain, the spice of the gaming board.

One last thing I want to mention about Wargames Tournaments Industrial Terrain is they have bits for you to make your own.  Various doors, window, ports, and other sorts of goodies.  Let your creativity expand your terrain and the Industrial bits help tie it all together.

I have a lot more from Wargames Tournaments to share throughout the month, so stay tuned.

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A Brand New Year of Terrain

Hey everyone, we are back with a brand new year of Model Terrain Company of the Month.  I still have a long list of companies I want to introduce you to.

January’s Terrain Company of the Month is Wargames Tournaments.  In our shows humble beginnings I mentioned that I organized a terrain fund to get new kits into our friendly local gaming store.  Wargames Tournaments was where I gladly invested those dollars for the local gamers.  They have a great selection of terrain and the themes are expansive enough to easily fill out a 4×6′ table.  Their kits are all mdf, so you know they will hold up to even some rigorous wear and tear that we gamers can dish out.

The first set that caught my attention was their Space Elf terrain.  So when it came to picking out a table worth of kits, this was at the top of my list for something unique.  Just look at these temples.

The detail that Wargames Tournaments put into these kits is awesome.  If you are looking to get terrain to create an Eldar Crone world, look no further.

Whether your getting your force down to the planet through a void gate or the old fashion landing craft, Wargames Tournaments has you covered.

And don’t forget to protect your forces when you get there with custom shield generators.

Elf Shield Tower

Every space elf has an darker sibling.  Fight them in the pits of Commorragh to show them which path is the true path.

Elf dualing arena

I have a lot more from Wargames Tournaments to share throughout the month, so stay tuned.

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NGC40k Episode 009; Death Storm book review

NGC40k Episode 009

In our ninth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby, narrative events at tournaments, charity events and other cool stuff happening in the community. Did we mention just how big the Shield of Baal campaign series is? We continue the coverage with the novella “DeathStorm” by Josh Reynolds. This book is a great companion to the background given in the box set. It really expands the story.

Bolter Segment: Brother Maxus, with Sergeant Valus, communicates with their Strike Cruiser only to find something from the warp is about to alter their plans.

Hobby Spotlight: Mark and Peter return with another in depth hobby spotlight. Mark really shows off what you can do with what some would perceeve as garbage.  Big Mek Stompa pics

A reminder, don’t forget about Midnight Madness The War on Hungar, Nov 21st-22nd @ SoCal Games and Comics in Temecula, CA

Again from last week, feel free to check out the following hot spots for hobby motivation and modeling tips.


*The forums are coming together. I can’t wait to see our listeners participate in the Collatus Sector.

Midnight Madness the War on Hunger

As we’ve mentioned in the past we are not a tournament podcast.  However, this doesn’t mean we won’t help promote a charitable event or mention something we think is cool about an upcoming tournament.  Looking at you “The Narrative Guys” that are probably going to have the most spectacular narrative event held at a major grand tournament ever at The Las Vegas Open.

Tom asked me to give a shout out for his charitable event.  He has a local tournament that is part of the “ITC” that is doubling as a food drive.  If you’re not sure what to donate, look up a local food pantry online and check their list.

Here is a link to their flyer: Midnight Madness the War on Hunger Flyer

Here is also some other information on the event.

3rd Annual Midnight Madness War On Hunger 40k Tournament!

Come join us to play 40k for a cause!

According to the 2013 census the Inland Empire has the highest poverty rate for a Metropolitan Area in the United States. As a community we are uniquely equipped to help with this problem. So Cal Games and Comics is going to host a combination food drive and 40k tournament.  The only thing we can guarantee is the more cans of food you bring the more fun you will have.

Goal: collect as much food for St. Martha’s food pantry located in Murrieta.

The tournament sign in will start at 11:15pm on November 21st dice will roll at Midnight on Nov 22nd! We plan on going three rounds. We have a scenario for a fourth round if needed.

We are located at is 40466 Winchester Rd Temecula CA

The Entry fee is $15 and 10 non perishable food items (please no top ramen or glass jars)!

We are part of the Independent Tournament Circuit.  Click Here for more info on the ITC!

Supporting your local game store

My friends will tell you that if I am told it can’t be done, I dig deeper and make it happen.  How does this relate to you and gaming?  Recently I ran a drive to purchase new terrain for our local game store.  Normally I would say this should be the stores responsibility.  Better tables brings in players, more players usually means more money spent in the store.  However in this case our local store invested a ton of money loading up every table with a FAT mat.  I thought it was a shame to have such awesome gaming mats and fill it with mediocre terrain.  I set out to find entire table sets, which can be very expensive.  It had to be durable, so I started looking at mdf.  I found War Games Tournaments.  They are UK-based and have very reasonable prices for full tables worth of terrain.  The quality and detail are top-notch.  Now going back to the fundraiser.  I was told by several at the store that they have tried this in the past and it failed.  Lead by example I always say, so I put in the first $20.  A few others bought in and when someone else put in a large dollar amount, I matched it.  This inspired many others to throw in the lot as well.  Before we knew it we had over $550 raised to purchase terrain with.  There are two points to this message.  First of which is, your store provides an excellent environment for you to hang with friends and play games you love.  You can show your appreciation in more ways than just opening your wallet and buying the latest model.  Secondly, don’t let people tell you it can’t be done just because it either hasn’t been tried or they have failed.  If you dig deep enough and stick to it, you will always succeed.

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