Episode 40: Wargames Con Warm-up

This is the first episode of the new hour long format. So get your brushes, glue, and hobby knife ready. This is your hour a night made easy.

Peter brings Dan and Glenn back from The Narrative Guys.

In this episode we talk about the history of Wargames Con, where its heading, and what The Narrative Guys have planned. When I say you have to experience this event, I mean just that. The Narrative Guys are firing on all cylinders when it comes to the Narrative play experience and once you participate you’ll be coming back year after year.

Episode 40

WarGames Con is held in Austin, TX, Aug17th-19th.

A shout to those companies involved in making items for the event.

Death Ray Designs

Gamescraft Miniatures

M3 Studios

Wargames Terrain Factory

Episode 022; WarGames Con

In our twenty second episode Mark and Peter discuss a wide variety of topics including what we’ve been up to in the hobby, games played and WarGames Con

Segment 1: The battle for Chargis III in the Vestega System continues. A person that may hold the secret to Bandrois’s whereabouts must be dispatched. Will the Bandrois forces be able to silence the tongue before the mouth has spoken?

Segment 2: We are starting a new segment called Exploring the World of 30k. We know many have taken this leap already, but for those dipping their toes in like Mark and I, we thought it would be a learning experience for us and our listeners. Though for every likeness between 30k and 40k, the game is very much not the same.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as the ork bikes breach the the lines in advance of the endless ork war machine.

The Mechanical Warhorse giveaway is still going. In an awesome act of kindness, Carlos sent us his new Model 30 Billboard to give away to our listeners. To enter leave us an Itunes review and/or like our facebook page NGC40k Podcast to get entered. We are drawing a winner in episode 024. Good Luck

Episode 022

Inquisitorial Investigation V1T623

+Intercepted vox chatter+

++Data recording files 794-1158++

+++Believed location, AO Furnace+++

++++Sending transmission++++

Steel 10 this is Steel 30, we in contact with the array, waiting for information, over.

-copy that

Steel 10 this is steel 30. Efficiency of 10th scouts reduced 60%, 6th assault reduced 40%.

-fall back

-enemy contact?, over

-location of 6th assault squad?

Steel 10, Steel 30, 6th assault unit engaged, enemy reduced 40%, 10th scout falling back.   Location 375145

-Steel 30 what is your situation?, over

-This is Steel 11 where is 6th assault squad?

Steel 10, Steel 30 all units falling back.  10th scout 375140, 6th assault 385155, over

-Enemy concentration Steel 30?, over

-Steel 30 get to Ferrum.  What is the enemy location and composition?  Use 6th assault to jump to Ferrum.

Steel 10, Steel 30 contact made.  Current enemy STR 6 marines in transport.  10th scout in hab position 365140.  6th assault position 403150.  Request immediate support, over

Steel 10, Steel 30 enemy location 36 14 and 37 15

Steel 10, Steel 30 designation Ferrum unknown.

-Chaplain assault squad inc to loc 375125

-Sgt available for fire mission

-Arty available.  Do you have eyes to spot enemy location coms relay?, over

Steel 10, Steel 30 Negative, Sgt is down.  10th scout found civies, moving toward grid 368345 for extraction.

Steel 10, Steel 30 jump entered hab at 404128, over

No eyes on target over.

-Steel 30 resend civy grid coordinates?

-Previous not on map

Steel 10, Steel 30 civies in enemy hands, grid 360132

-Drop pod combat squad 4 bolters melta to location 378135 reserves.

Steel 10, Steel 30 Cmd support arrived position 375138.  Civies located in hab 392120, over


Steel 10, Steel 30 reinforcement efficiency reduced 50% over

-Dread with lascannon 40-11 advise is useful

-Databank and civy information? Exfiltration?

-Rhino Extraction of civilians able to work?  What location if yes?  Information on databanks?

-Need enemy location and type?

-Tac marines coming at 375115

-Rhino coming in for exfiltration 382115

Steel 10, Steel 30 Cmd entering hab 36-13.  6th assault exiting hab with civies at 38-11, over

Steel 10, Steel 30 enemy STR 3 marines in transport.  Current STR 3 assault marines, over.

-Keep civies in cover till rhino


-Databank status?

-Drop pod with tac squad inc to landing pad

Steel 10, Steel 30 gathering final civi, moving to extraction from 368115.  Drop arrived 388128, over

Cmd in route to databank, over.

-Need update on all forces friendly and enemy?

-Need enemy location and type

-tac squad in rhino for exfiltration 379115

Steel 10, Steel 30 Cmd Sgt+1 in habs.  Arrival of enemy drop assumed enemy cmd 385145, 7 strong.

Remaining transport and 2 marines located 37-15

-Dataslate information, need those

Steel 10, Steel 30, how do I retrieve?

-Not sure, look for them if possible during exfiltration

Steel 10, Steel 30 enemy Cmd eliminated.  Cmd retrieved two data banks.  5 civies in motion for extraction, over

-This is command.  Our comms have been compromised


Two beers to Dabuque and 3 days from Wargames Con

Only three days out.  I can’t wait to see my narrative buds in Texas.  The narrative event is jam packed.  There is still room in the solo events from what I’m told.  So you can still partake in some narrative goodness put on by the best in the business, The Narrative Guys.

This is going to be one heck of a weekend in Austin.  See you there.

Wargames Con Aug 26th-28th

Wargames Con is a tabletop gaming convention and tournament for multiple gaming systems including Warhammer 40k, Warmachine and Hordes, Flames of War, Infinity and X-Wing!  It takes place August 26th through the 28th in Austin, Texas.

For more information follow the link, Wargames Con.

The Narrative Guys, fresh off the heels of the LVO have put together another massive narrative campaign event.  I’ve been telling you about some of the cool stuff we have been cooking up.  Piece by piece it is coming together.  Fantastic story lines, kick ass terrain and narrative driven 40k.  I can’t wait to hang out with the Dan and Glenn again and roll some dice.

Attention: they are looking for one more admech player to join the narrative team event and the solo event has several openings.  So if you want to play on terrain like this,

Narrative Guys

hurry up and lock in your place at the table.  If we want to see more events like this, we need to give them our full support and sell them out every time they are offered.  Follow the links provided, team up with a friend, book your hotel, get your tickets and play your heart out.

See you in Austin.

Wrapping things up

Episode 20 is edited and waiting for the bolter segment.  I plan to have the next installment of the Battle for Detros Mitus recorded tomorrow and edited over the weekend.  I intend to drop this episode late this weekend or very early next week.

It’s a solid episode and was a pleasure editing.  I can’t wait to pass it along to our listeners.  We will also be announcing another giveaway so pay attention for that.

A friendly reminder.  If you can get to Wargames Con in Austin, TX, the weekend of August 26th, come join us for some great narrative gaming and what is shaping up to be an awesome event.  Sergeant Valus will be there, stop by and say hi.

Wargames Con!!!

Wargames Con, August 26th-28th, Austin Texas!

The Narrative Guys are running a two day narrative event there.  I know this isn’t the first Narrative Con event they’ve run, but it’s my first time going to one and hot damn I’m excited!  From what I’ve seen on the internet, their events are to narrative gamers as Adepticon or LVO is to competative play.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dan and Glenn at Adepticon and went over ideas to support a nationwide/global narrative game.  Those events are starting to unfold now and I can’t wait to see where we can take it.  Maybe it’s in the cards that NGC40k will be running a narrative event at a Con soon too.

The best way to show support for these types of events is to go to them.  Check out The Narrative Guys, get inspired, start a campaign and join us at Wargames Con.