The battle on grey plastic continues

I’ve been working on my Raven Guard.  The “worn effects” from AK has really turned out nicely.  The first Apoc Luck is just over a week away and the theme is Kastorel Novem.  I’m hoping to get this batch of 40 completed by then.

I joined the ICs hobby progress challenge and also signed up for the 1HourANight Facebook group.  I figure it would give me a little extra motivation.  Thus far it has worked.  So go check out The Independent Characters site and join the 2016 Hobby Progress challenge and wage war on bare plastic!


Episode 012 Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 012 Holiday Extravaganza


In our twelth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and some major life changes. The theme of the show is “What do you want out of your hobby for Christmas and next year?” We also pose the question “If you could sit on Jervis Johnson’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas from Games Workshop, what would it be? The naming Peter’s jump Chaplain contest is still going, so submit your naming ideas. We hear from a few new friends and have an interview with Kenny from Combat Phase and learn about the gaming scene in Sweden.

Bolter Segment: The 2015 Bolter Compilation. Ten minutes of exciting drama through the ears of Sergeant Valus.

O Captain, my Captain

Today I bow my head and say farewell to my favorite podcast, The Independent Characters.  You have meant a lot to me over the years being a beacon of positivity in the hobby.  Both Carl and Geoff, along with later hosts, delivered excellent coverage of Black Library books and Imperial Armour books.  I enjoyed listening to what you’ve been up to and took many tips from your show.  I also enjoy using inside jokes and phrases from your show such as Tuttle Time and trying to figure out the true monetary value of a Carl.  Yes I do know you have a Facebook Page and I will not be a stranger to it.  For though it is a farewell, we can all rejoice that it is not a goodnight.

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” -DPS

I know your show has definitely had an impact on mine.

If either of you ever find your way to Wisconsin, I’d love to buy you a pint.