Episode 020; Who is Bandrois?

In our twentieth episode Mark and Peter return after another long stint. We discuss what we’ve been up to in the hobby and games played.

Segment 1: The battle for Chargis III in the Vestega System continues. Just who is Lord Bandrois? We also continue the campaign creation by discussing what we plan to do for the second installment of the Bandrois campaign.

Segment 2: Interesting Places on the Web. We cover a few cool places that have been passed on to us by others. We also tip our hat to one of Pete’s favorite youtube channels as they bid their followers farewell.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as the ork bikes breach the the lines in advance of the endless ork war machine.

Episode 020

Sorry for the wait listeners.  Mark and I will be back on our bimonthly release schedule moving forward.  See you in two weeks.


A Call to Arms

Hey ngc40k listeners,

A friend of the show is putting together a Kickstarter to create a fulltime YouTube channel devoted to the hobby.  Please show your support by subscribing to his channel and backing his dream financially any way you can. #helptemplarscrusade01

Go to his Facebook page Templarscrusade01 he has links on how to support the effort before the Kickstarter goes live.

Episode 012 Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 012 Holiday Extravaganza


In our twelth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and some major life changes. The theme of the show is “What do you want out of your hobby for Christmas and next year?” We also pose the question “If you could sit on Jervis Johnson’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas from Games Workshop, what would it be? The naming Peter’s jump Chaplain contest is still going, so submit your naming ideas. We hear from a few new friends and have an interview with Kenny from Combat Phase and learn about the gaming scene in Sweden.

Bolter Segment: The 2015 Bolter Compilation. Ten minutes of exciting drama through the ears of Sergeant Valus.

NGC40k Episode 009; Death Storm book review

NGC40k Episode 009

In our ninth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby, narrative events at tournaments, charity events and other cool stuff happening in the community. Did we mention just how big the Shield of Baal campaign series is? We continue the coverage with the novella “DeathStorm” by Josh Reynolds. This book is a great companion to the background given in the box set. It really expands the story.

Bolter Segment: Brother Maxus, with Sergeant Valus, communicates with their Strike Cruiser only to find something from the warp is about to alter their plans.

Hobby Spotlight: Mark and Peter return with another in depth hobby spotlight. Mark really shows off what you can do with what some would perceeve as garbage.  Big Mek Stompa pics

A reminder, don’t forget about Midnight Madness The War on Hungar, Nov 21st-22nd @ SoCal Games and Comics in Temecula, CA

Again from last week, feel free to check out the following hot spots for hobby motivation and modeling tips.





*The forums are coming together. I can’t wait to see our listeners participate in the Collatus Sector.

Just Throwing This Out There

Templar Crusade 01, YouTube channel.

I’m new to the YouTube subscriber thing, about a year or so, but I really like this channel.  Brian really has a passion for the hobby and talks about products, models, etc.  Not all of it is 40k, but I’ve learned about some cool paints that I really want to get my hands on and try out while he was covering other models.  I highly recommend giving this gentleman a listen.  You just might pick up a new technique or hobby trick.

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