Looking For More Great Scifi Terrain

Hey listeners,

We continue our Model Terrain Company for the Month of May, Laser Craft Workshop.  This time I want to expand on the Sector 38 Fortress, by showing you the Sector 38 Sci-fi Habs and Terrain collection.

The Sector 38 collection has a variety of uses.  It can be used to create a hab block, an out post, a light industrial district, a commerce port, to say the least.  At Adepticon, another thing that caught my eye was the ruined kits.  I’m sure you’ve heard me carry on about how a corner isn’t always going to be the last thing left on a building.  Laser Craft Workshop has some great examples of battle damaged buildings and best part is, they have the undamaged versions of the same buildings.  So you can really expand the narrative by having buildings get ruined mid game or as part of an ongoing campaign.

The Sector 38 Sci-fi Habs and Terrain collection includes a several towers to help you create many different narrative scenarios.

Laser Craft Workshop also has several styles of Landing Pads to choose from.  Check out this landing tower, this thing rocks!

And what system would be complete without a wide variety of catwalks, stairwells and ladders.

I like bundles, you like bundles, who doesn’t like a bundle.  Laser Craft Workshop offers several money saving kit bundles to get you started.  Each picture is a different Sector 38 bundle.  They really were thinking about the gamer when they put these together.  And just how big is a Hab Block anyway?

I have a whole lot more to show you from Laser Craft Workshop.  Check them out yourself at www.lasercraftworkshop.com  To keep updated on their releases, follow them on Facebook.

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