Episode 029 Sanctus Reach; Red Waaagh! Part III

In our twenty ninth episode, Jeeze what’s not in this episode. We include some hobby chat, Valedor Apoc Luck XVIII & XIX, Adepticon, we continue our journey into another awesome Warhammer 40k campaign series. To top it all off we even touch on 8th, just a smidge, nothing crazy.

Segment 1: The war escalates on Chargis III as the pdf backed by the Marines Errant make a counter strike against the Bandrois forces.

Segment 2: We continue our in depth coverage of the Sanctus Reach campaign series beginning with The Red Waaagh!.
-With Grukk’s dead, who will take up the mantel as Warboss

Battle for Detros Mitus: Tempers flare in the strategium as the Battle for Detros Mitus rages on outside the walls .
(music in this audio drama is Head Space 2 provided by Thomas Prislac of PDXvoiceteacher)

Episode 029

Episode 015: Exterminatus Part I

Episode 015

In our fifthteenth episode Mark and Peter continue their coverage of the Shield of Baal campaign with Exterminatus. Mark talks about the upcoming Milwaukee based, D-Company annual Big Game. Meanwhile, Peter goes into some quick details about the new and improved Bolter Segment.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as Sergeant Valus organizes his defense to hold back the upcoming Ork assault.

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NGC40k Episode 14: The Word of the Silent King


Episode 014

In our fourteenth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and we continue our Shield of Baal coverage with a book review of “The Word of the Silent King”, by L J Goulding.

Bolter Segment: We bring you up to speed before starting the next chapter in the story.

Hobby Spotlight: In this hobby spotlight we discuss the new Forge World Primarch model of Corvus Corax. Peter built two version for his collection. The standard model from Forge World and a converted version to represent the XIXth Legion Primarch on Isstvan V. (Conversion Pics)

NGC40k Episode 010; How to Start a Narrative Game

NGC40k Episode 010


In our tenth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby, what makes a game a narrative game and how to start a narrative game.

Bolter Segment: Brother Maxus, with Sergeant Valus, communicates with their Strike Cruiser only to find something from the warp is about to alter their plans.

Book Review: We switch gears in our coverage of the Shield of Baal series with the flash fiction “Wraithflight” by Guy Haley. This book gives you a new and interesting perspective of what the Tyranid truly are.

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Episode 006 Shield of Baal: Tempestus Review

NGC40k Episode 006

In our sixth episode Mark and Peter cross over into Black Library’s Shield of Baal: Tempestus. A novella written by Braden Campbell. Spoiler alert, we do a full review of the book. If you are like me, this kind of review makes me want to go and get the book. It’s a good read, a fast read, full of suspense and action. We recommend picking it up.

Bolter Porn Segment: A close call has Sergeant Valus concerned with the front lines more than his injuries. He also meets an old friend. Find out who in this episode.

The Hobby Product Review is on Peter’s Table War case. He discusses the system in detail, why he is enjoys it and how it has changed his home storage of his miniatures. Case and shelf photos

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Just Throwing This Out There

Templar Crusade 01, YouTube channel.

I’m new to the YouTube subscriber thing, about a year or so, but I really like this channel.  Brian really has a passion for the hobby and talks about products, models, etc.  Not all of it is 40k, but I’ve learned about some cool paints that I really want to get my hands on and try out while he was covering other models.  I highly recommend giving this gentleman a listen.  You just might pick up a new technique or hobby trick.

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