Upcoming Apoc Luck

The upcoming Apoc Luck is shaping up nicely.  As I’ve discussed on the show, we are doing “The Raid on Kastorel Novem”.  We have a seven players creating a solid wall of Orks on one side and another seven representing the Imperium.  And yes, the Raven Guard will be present.

Over 40,000 pts of smaller units.  In addition, 12 Super Heavies will be on the table.

This is an excellent start to the Apoc Luck season.

“Go Big of Go Home”

The battle on grey plastic continues

I’ve been working on my Raven Guard.  The “worn effects” from AK has really turned out nicely.  The first Apoc Luck is just over a week away and the theme is Kastorel Novem.  I’m hoping to get this batch of 40 completed by then.

I joined the ICs hobby progress challenge and also signed up for the 1HourANight Facebook group.  I figure it would give me a little extra motivation.  Thus far it has worked.  So go check out The Independent Characters site and join the 2016 Hobby Progress challenge and wage war on bare plastic!


Some Raven Guard Goodies

Putting some work into my Raven Guard.  Here is my progress on a Deimos Pattern Razorback for my 40k list.  It has a custom made assault cannon turret to match the Rhino pattern.  I really wanted the interior to look sharp for one of them.  The rest of my vehicles will be sealed shut.  A show piece I guess.