40k Challenge

Hey everyone,

I thought what a better way to mark our return than by having a hobby challenge.

The challenge:  Create a unique terrain piece using a Games Workshop model base.  Doesn’t matter the size, from Grot base to Imperial Knight, get those creative juices going and let’s do some hobbying.

Post your progress on Twitter and tag @ngc40k #ngc40kchallenge.  Post your finished product by June 15th.  I’ll pick a winner the next day for an NGC40k T-shirt.

Take a tip from Norm, the hobbystreak expert.  All it takes is 30 minutes a day to make massive headway in your hobby.

I’m going to use this to re-kickstart my hobby.  If it’s been a bit for you, join me and have some fun with it.  I look forward to your creations.

Great Advice

Tactical Objectives

Dan from The Narrative Guys has written a great article about themed objectives.  I thought this article was totally worth reading and reinforces concepts that Mark and I discuss regularly.  Create a reason that your soldiers are going somewhere and why the command would want them to control it.  Or maybe they need to control it to advance their mission and the game you’re playing is only the pre-mission.

Either way, check out the article.