Wargames Con!!!

Wargames Con, August 26th-28th, Austin Texas!

The Narrative Guys are running a two day narrative event there.  I know this isn’t the first Narrative Con event they’ve run, but it’s my first time going to one and hot damn I’m excited!  From what I’ve seen on the internet, their events are to narrative gamers as Adepticon or LVO is to competative play.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dan and Glenn at Adepticon and went over ideas to support a nationwide/global narrative game.  Those events are starting to unfold now and I can’t wait to see where we can take it.  Maybe it’s in the cards that NGC40k will be running a narrative event at a Con soon too.

The best way to show support for these types of events is to go to them.  Check out The Narrative Guys, get inspired, start a campaign and join us at Wargames Con.



Episode 019: So you want to be an Ultramarine

In our nineteenth episode Mark and Peter return after what seems like forever.  We discuss what we’ve been up to in the hobby and games played.  We also discuss The Narrative Guys Beta, the global campaign that Peter discussed in previous episodes; and how we participated in that.

Segment 1:  We review the Space Marines Codex, NGC style.  We delve codex deep into the codex fluff of the Ultramarines.

Segment 2:  We create a narrative campaign from scratch, on the fly.   We go through the who, why and what of the campaign process.  It was a lot of fun creating it and look forward to the first game.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as the orks make their advance on the Sabre Ridge.  (a repeat of last episodes, sorry, family life got in the way of recording the newest segment)


Episode 019

Just around the corner

I wanted to give an update.  Episode 19 is just around the corner.  It is in the editing process.

This episodes Bolter Segment is being written and recorded.  I have some special things planned in the next few episodes.  Hopefully the excitement has been growing with every installment.

I always feel we don’t say it enough.  Thanks for listening.

The Narrative Guys Beta is Live

The narrative beta concept and rules.


I’ve been talking about it since Adepticon and it’s finally here.  The worldwide narrative that will decide the themes for the major events like LVO.  It’s in its beta stage, but this is truly exciting and I’m glad I was lucky enough to be a part of it.

You can participate too and I encourage it.  If you want some NGC run event at a Midwest con somewhere, this is where it begins.  You want to see these major narratives tied together across the country, this is where it begins.  You want to see more events like this period, participate and promote.

Follow the link, read up on how the system works and fight for your side!

Episode 018; Exterminatus Part III

In our eighteenth episode Mark and Peter are joined by Andrew, a fellow, now local, ngc40k group member. We review the Exterminatus missions and ideas on other ways to use them in the game. With that we complete our coverage of the Exterminatus Campaign.

This episode closes the door on the Shield of Baal series. It’s been a long journey and I’m glad we were able to bring you all with us. I can’t wait to see what campaign door we open next.

Other discussions include Where we’ve been, What they’ve been working on, the background for Andrew’s NGC force and we close out the episode with some banter about our favorite units in the game.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as the orks make their advance on the Sabre Ridge. Over 10 hours of editing to create this segment.  I really tried to make it worth the wait.

Episode 018

Episode 017; Exterminatus Part II


In our seventeenth episode Mark and Peter continue their coverage of the Exterminatus Campaign. Other discussions include Where they’ve been, What they’ve been working on, Life & Career, Adepticon, Mob Rules, The Narrative Guys, and Eagle Ordinary.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as Sergeant Valus makes final preparations for the defense of Sabre Ridge.

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Episode 017

Episode 016; Grand Scale 40k Games

In our sixteenth episode Mark and Peter talk 40k on a grand scale. The discussions include the Milwaukee based D-Company annual Big Game and hotel troubles. Peter follows this discussion with the detailed concerns, potential expanding, inner workings and overall growing pains of the Apoc Luck event.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as Cadian Lieutenant Sahmlu informs Sergeant Valus of his defense positions along Sabre Ridge.

Episode 016

Episode 015: Exterminatus Part I

Episode 015

In our fifthteenth episode Mark and Peter continue their coverage of the Shield of Baal campaign with Exterminatus. Mark talks about the upcoming Milwaukee based, D-Company annual Big Game. Meanwhile, Peter goes into some quick details about the new and improved Bolter Segment.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as Sergeant Valus organizes his defense to hold back the upcoming Ork assault.

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NGC40k Episode 14: The Word of the Silent King


Episode 014

In our fourteenth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and we continue our Shield of Baal coverage with a book review of “The Word of the Silent King”, by L J Goulding.

Bolter Segment: We bring you up to speed before starting the next chapter in the story.

Hobby Spotlight: In this hobby spotlight we discuss the new Forge World Primarch model of Corvus Corax. Peter built two version for his collection. The standard model from Forge World and a converted version to represent the XIXth Legion Primarch on Isstvan V. (Conversion Pics)