Episode 045: Dear Casey Kasem

Find out what Mark and Peter have been up to as they talk shop and discuss the theoretical possibilities of Animal Transmorphication.

In our Dear Casey Kasem segment, we answer a long distance request from, Corbin.

And he writes: How to run a Narrative Event at your friendly local store?

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Episode 45

Episode 044: Three Ways to Sunday

Mark and Peter chat hobby progress and dive into their latest tabletop excursion.

Bandrois is back. Enjoy the continued Lore we create for this ongoing narrative campaign.

The trap is set, will the PDF take the bait. It’s an unexpected three way battle between Norm, Mark, and Peter. Visit our website, www.ngc40k.com , the missions are available for you to try out with your friendly narrative gamers.

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Episode 044

Episode 043: First Rule of Bolter Club

Peter brings on another special guest, Jarred from Bolter Club.

First rule of Bolter Club, we don’t talk about Bolter Club. Crap, I broke the first rule. Sorry Jarred.

We talk to Jarred about The Bolter Club, why it was created, where it’s going and the Mighty Morphine Power Up between the Club and NGC40k.

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Episode 043

The Battle for Chargis III Continues

Mark and I got together last night to record a special episode and return focus on the Bandrois Campaign.  This was a custom mission Mark wrote up.  I will start a new tab on the site where you can download these missions and play them for yourself.

Narrative campaigns are a great way to play the game.  It’s our favorite way to play and we want to continue to share our love of this game with everyone.  We are asked narrative gaming questions all the time.  Listening or reading to how we put these missions together and use those results to build our next mission, is a great way to learn how to do this yourselves.  I would love to hear about your narrative campaigns, named characters, etc.

This mission was all about the local PDF trying to paint the Raven Guard as heretics by sending a last ditch transmission into space and the Astartes storming out of the shadows to thwart it.

There were some epic showdowns and it was a bloodbath on both sides.  The Primaris Marines really shined in the game and The Angel of Death (my chaplain) had an incredible effect on the guardsmen when he buried himself in their lines.  The PDF priest shined even brighter in this game, helping the guard assault and slaughter scouts and marines alike.

We will talk all about this in Episode 41.

Episode 40: Wargames Con Warm-up

This is the first episode of the new hour long format. So get your brushes, glue, and hobby knife ready. This is your hour a night made easy.

Peter brings Dan and Glenn back from The Narrative Guys.

In this episode we talk about the history of Wargames Con, where its heading, and what The Narrative Guys have planned. When I say you have to experience this event, I mean just that. The Narrative Guys are firing on all cylinders when it comes to the Narrative play experience and once you participate you’ll be coming back year after year.

Episode 40

WarGames Con is held in Austin, TX, Aug17th-19th.

A shout to those companies involved in making items for the event.

Death Ray Designs

Gamescraft Miniatures

M3 Studios

Wargames Terrain Factory


I spent the day at Pegasus Games in Madison, playing in an event ran by the local MYCL gaming group. Kenny from the Combat Phase was the event host. I had a great time, met some new people and even won Best Painted. I was really happy to be able to participate in an event that wasn’t my own for a change.

The event was a more narrative driven tournament, which meant the missions were story driven with an over arching theme, in this case the great rift as it happened. Also, this required a two paragraph story on your force and they wanted it based on a Black Library book or codex. Mine was the Honoured Sons of course, expanding on the one paragraph about them in the codex that has them fighting a Tyranid Hive Fleet Jormungandr.

I included some pics of a few armies that were on display.

Thanks again Kenny for running this event.

Fate of Konor: Galaxy in Flames

Hey everyone,

Guess who’s back

Back again

G-dub’s back

Tell a friend.

In all seriousness.  Games Workshop has aimed their bat for the left bleachers and I want to help them hit this one out of the park.  Narrative is what we do, right?  They have laid out an entire campaign battling over six planets.  Each one will have a fun, unique mission.  I’m excited and I hope you are too.

You can support your side in two ways.

One way is by painting minis and I mean come on, with all the new minis out and folks like us that are on One Hour a Night on Facebook, this should be a no brainer.  Don’t hold back and don’t be deterred, break out those brushes and help your side.

The other way to help is play the mission that they posted for the week.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been playing the heck out of some 40k since the new addition dropped and you don’t have to talk me into catching a game, especially a narrative based one.

It’s in the game pff. . .    It’s in our name bro!

Lastly, all you have to do is report your results to the local store.  Simple and Sweet.

So go show your support for narrative gaming.  Follow the link and support the Fate of Konor.  Like the great Shai Lebeouf once said,



Episode 026; Frozen Heresy

In our twenty sixth episode Mark and Peter close out a year of great hobby in the realm of 40k. We discuss 40k endtimes, what we would love to see if an 8th edition is coming, peeping in Jervis Johnsons dining window on Christmas and what we look forward to in the new year.

Segment 1: The 2016 Battle for Detros Mitus compilation.

Segment 2: A musical parody of Disney’s Frozen. Music provided by my daughter’s karaoke disc of the movie. #FrozenHeresy

We want to thank all our listeners for another great year.

Episode 026

Episode 022; WarGames Con

In our twenty second episode Mark and Peter discuss a wide variety of topics including what we’ve been up to in the hobby, games played and WarGames Con

Segment 1: The battle for Chargis III in the Vestega System continues. A person that may hold the secret to Bandrois’s whereabouts must be dispatched. Will the Bandrois forces be able to silence the tongue before the mouth has spoken?

Segment 2: We are starting a new segment called Exploring the World of 30k. We know many have taken this leap already, but for those dipping their toes in like Mark and I, we thought it would be a learning experience for us and our listeners. Though for every likeness between 30k and 40k, the game is very much not the same.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as the ork bikes breach the the lines in advance of the endless ork war machine.

The Mechanical Warhorse giveaway is still going. In an awesome act of kindness, Carlos sent us his new Model 30 Billboard to give away to our listeners. To enter leave us an Itunes review and/or like our facebook page NGC40k Podcast to get entered. We are drawing a winner in episode 024. Good Luck

Episode 022

Inquisitorial Investigation V1T623

+Intercepted vox chatter+

++Data recording files 794-1158++

+++Believed location, AO Furnace+++

++++Sending transmission++++

Steel 10 this is Steel 30, we in contact with the array, waiting for information, over.

-copy that

Steel 10 this is steel 30. Efficiency of 10th scouts reduced 60%, 6th assault reduced 40%.

-fall back

-enemy contact?, over

-location of 6th assault squad?

Steel 10, Steel 30, 6th assault unit engaged, enemy reduced 40%, 10th scout falling back.   Location 375145

-Steel 30 what is your situation?, over

-This is Steel 11 where is 6th assault squad?

Steel 10, Steel 30 all units falling back.  10th scout 375140, 6th assault 385155, over

-Enemy concentration Steel 30?, over

-Steel 30 get to Ferrum.  What is the enemy location and composition?  Use 6th assault to jump to Ferrum.

Steel 10, Steel 30 contact made.  Current enemy STR 6 marines in transport.  10th scout in hab position 365140.  6th assault position 403150.  Request immediate support, over

Steel 10, Steel 30 enemy location 36 14 and 37 15

Steel 10, Steel 30 designation Ferrum unknown.

-Chaplain assault squad inc to loc 375125

-Sgt available for fire mission

-Arty available.  Do you have eyes to spot enemy location coms relay?, over

Steel 10, Steel 30 Negative, Sgt is down.  10th scout found civies, moving toward grid 368345 for extraction.

Steel 10, Steel 30 jump entered hab at 404128, over

No eyes on target over.

-Steel 30 resend civy grid coordinates?

-Previous not on map

Steel 10, Steel 30 civies in enemy hands, grid 360132

-Drop pod combat squad 4 bolters melta to location 378135 reserves.

Steel 10, Steel 30 Cmd support arrived position 375138.  Civies located in hab 392120, over


Steel 10, Steel 30 reinforcement efficiency reduced 50% over

-Dread with lascannon 40-11 advise is useful

-Databank and civy information? Exfiltration?

-Rhino Extraction of civilians able to work?  What location if yes?  Information on databanks?

-Need enemy location and type?

-Tac marines coming at 375115

-Rhino coming in for exfiltration 382115

Steel 10, Steel 30 Cmd entering hab 36-13.  6th assault exiting hab with civies at 38-11, over

Steel 10, Steel 30 enemy STR 3 marines in transport.  Current STR 3 assault marines, over.

-Keep civies in cover till rhino


-Databank status?

-Drop pod with tac squad inc to landing pad

Steel 10, Steel 30 gathering final civi, moving to extraction from 368115.  Drop arrived 388128, over

Cmd in route to databank, over.

-Need update on all forces friendly and enemy?

-Need enemy location and type

-tac squad in rhino for exfiltration 379115

Steel 10, Steel 30 Cmd Sgt+1 in habs.  Arrival of enemy drop assumed enemy cmd 385145, 7 strong.

Remaining transport and 2 marines located 37-15

-Dataslate information, need those

Steel 10, Steel 30, how do I retrieve?

-Not sure, look for them if possible during exfiltration

Steel 10, Steel 30 enemy Cmd eliminated.  Cmd retrieved two data banks.  5 civies in motion for extraction, over

-This is command.  Our comms have been compromised