Gamehole Con

It was an incredible time at Gamehole Con.  The 30k & 40k events had plenty of participation.  The narrative event was all we could hope for.  The battles went back and forth between Attacker and Defender all weekend.  In the end, the Attackers prevailed by close margins.

I want to thank Jarred of the Bolter Club for letting me help design the missions and run a day of the events.  He worked incredibly hard all year to make enough terrain for the event and it looked amazing.  We even had the army that was won at the Nova Open involved (whoever painted that, it was off the hook).

I look forward to next year.  This was only the beginning.  This event is going to grow into something spectacular I just know it.

Go over to our Facebook page and find the photo album of Sunday’s events.

Episode 46: Tooth and Claw

Find out what Mark and Peter have been up to as they talk shop and discuss the possibilities of spray on shoes and transforming water molecules into food.

Tooth and Claw is the latest campaign supplement in the 40k universe. It’s been a long time coming and Games Workshop delivered. Set on Vigilus, this fast paced campaign will leave you wanting to name your figures and start up a kill team.

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Episode 46

Episode 045: Dear Casey Kasem

Find out what Mark and Peter have been up to as they talk shop and discuss the theoretical possibilities of Animal Transmorphication.

In our Dear Casey Kasem segment, we answer a long distance request from, Corbin.

And he writes: How to run a Narrative Event at your friendly local store?

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Episode 45

Episode 043: First Rule of Bolter Club

Peter brings on another special guest, Jarred from Bolter Club.

First rule of Bolter Club, we don’t talk about Bolter Club. Crap, I broke the first rule. Sorry Jarred.

We talk to Jarred about The Bolter Club, why it was created, where it’s going and the Mighty Morphine Power Up between the Club and NGC40k.

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Episode 043

Episode 042: #Hobbystreak

Peter brings on a special guest from days gone by.

Norm is back to discuss #Hobbystreak. We talk about ways to keep you motivated in the hobby and your army progress moving forward.

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Episode 042

The Battle for Chargis III Continues

Mark and I got together last night to record a special episode and return focus on the Bandrois Campaign.  This was a custom mission Mark wrote up.  I will start a new tab on the site where you can download these missions and play them for yourself.

Narrative campaigns are a great way to play the game.  It’s our favorite way to play and we want to continue to share our love of this game with everyone.  We are asked narrative gaming questions all the time.  Listening or reading to how we put these missions together and use those results to build our next mission, is a great way to learn how to do this yourselves.  I would love to hear about your narrative campaigns, named characters, etc.

This mission was all about the local PDF trying to paint the Raven Guard as heretics by sending a last ditch transmission into space and the Astartes storming out of the shadows to thwart it.

There were some epic showdowns and it was a bloodbath on both sides.  The Primaris Marines really shined in the game and The Angel of Death (my chaplain) had an incredible effect on the guardsmen when he buried himself in their lines.  The PDF priest shined even brighter in this game, helping the guard assault and slaughter scouts and marines alike.

We will talk all about this in Episode 41.

Episode 40: Wargames Con Warm-up

This is the first episode of the new hour long format. So get your brushes, glue, and hobby knife ready. This is your hour a night made easy.

Peter brings Dan and Glenn back from The Narrative Guys.

In this episode we talk about the history of Wargames Con, where its heading, and what The Narrative Guys have planned. When I say you have to experience this event, I mean just that. The Narrative Guys are firing on all cylinders when it comes to the Narrative play experience and once you participate you’ll be coming back year after year.

Episode 40

WarGames Con is held in Austin, TX, Aug17th-19th.

A shout to those companies involved in making items for the event.

Death Ray Designs

Gamescraft Miniatures

M3 Studios

Wargames Terrain Factory

Breaking out of Hobby Stagnation

Mark and I are breaking out of hobby stagnation one game at a time.  In our recent episode we talked about our struggles in the hobby and quickly figured out what the solution was.  Playing games.  Not just any games, games with friends and like minded players.  Games where we knew we would have a good time because of the company we were in.  We set out to do just that.

So I called Mark up and said let’s do this, and we agreed to play at my place.  I set the points to 1248pts.  We both have fun with these off the cuff point levels.  Then I set up parts of my canyon board, knowing it may be my last game on this board before I sold it.  Making it extra special, I set up some of the Mechanical Warhorse Terrain I had been working on and decided the scenario would be a War Torn Mining Town.

I thought it would be an interesting change to be fighting along the river rather than across it.  I used the Open War cards, hand selected the deployment and drew an objective.  I was going to hand pick this too, but the first one I drew I thought was pretty cool (The Comet).  The first draw on the Twist was interesting and appropriate as well (Dead of Night).


I won the roll off and chose to go second, based on the scenario.  Mark brought a well rounded Astro Militarum Force.  I chose to bring my Honoured Sons painted in Detroit Mitus campaign colors.  I also decided now was the time to break out my RainbowWarriors and had two squad of Intercessors join the battle.

It was a hard fought battle and a blast to play.  In the end I managed to prevent Mark from being able to claim the objective, despite his valiant efforts to do so.  I learned Intercessors play like how I picture Astartes being in the game, tough as nails and deadly in all forms of combat.  I also learned that with the right orders, AM could put out an amazing volume of fire, hold their own in the face of certain doom and rely on powerful characters to stand their ground.

I had a great time and look forward to our next match.

Episode 039; Stagnation Nation

Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and what gorilla glue is not meant for.

Segment 1: We discuss Hobby Stagnation. What got us into it and the simple remedy to get you out of it.

Segment 2: We answer a two part listener question about the collecting and expansion of your current army, and how to tackle lopsided victories in a campaign.

Episode 39

Looking For More Great Scifi Terrain

Hey listeners,

We continue our Model Terrain Company for the Month of May, Laser Craft Workshop.  This time I want to expand on the Sector 38 Fortress, by showing you the Sector 38 Sci-fi Habs and Terrain collection.

The Sector 38 collection has a variety of uses.  It can be used to create a hab block, an out post, a light industrial district, a commerce port, to say the least.  At Adepticon, another thing that caught my eye was the ruined kits.  I’m sure you’ve heard me carry on about how a corner isn’t always going to be the last thing left on a building.  Laser Craft Workshop has some great examples of battle damaged buildings and best part is, they have the undamaged versions of the same buildings.  So you can really expand the narrative by having buildings get ruined mid game or as part of an ongoing campaign.

The Sector 38 Sci-fi Habs and Terrain collection includes a several towers to help you create many different narrative scenarios.

Laser Craft Workshop also has several styles of Landing Pads to choose from.  Check out this landing tower, this thing rocks!

And what system would be complete without a wide variety of catwalks, stairwells and ladders.

I like bundles, you like bundles, who doesn’t like a bundle.  Laser Craft Workshop offers several money saving kit bundles to get you started.  Each picture is a different Sector 38 bundle.  They really were thinking about the gamer when they put these together.  And just how big is a Hab Block anyway?

I have a whole lot more to show you from Laser Craft Workshop.  Check them out yourself at  To keep updated on their releases, follow them on Facebook.

To enter in our model terrain company of the month giveaways, like the NGC40k Podcast Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @ngc40k.  A random winner is drawn at the end of the month.