Gearing up for the 2015 Apoc Luck Finale

I’m making preparations for this years Apoc Finale.  Apoc Luck XI, “The Spire” The Tau have reached the heart of Agrellon Prime in the Damocles Warzone.

How many points? How many can you handle?  It’s 40k Apocalypse, “Go Big or Go Home”

Again I would like to thank our sponsors for this event: Kromlech, Mechanical Warhorse and Secret Weapon Miniatures.

If you’re a business and would like to sponsor this event, contact me at

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The 2015 Apoc Luck Finale is Really Shaping Up!

We picked up three sponsors thus far for the event.  Mechanical Warhorse has once again stepped up to sponsor the end of the year Apocalypse series finale.  We gained two new sponsors for the event, Secret Weapon Miniatures and Kromlech.  A huge thank you for supporting our event.

We also locked in our caterer.  Our good friend John from Pickle Jar bbq & pie has offered to cater the event once again.  I’m pretty excited, his food is sooooo good.

I’m working on the buildings and finalizing some other things.  This is shaping up to be an awesome event.

Also, if you haven’t done so already and you want the chance to win a Pipework set from Mechanical Warhorse.  They just released their second story pipework set, so here is your opportunity to get in at the ground level.  (pun totally intended)  To get into the drawing, just like our facebook page or leave us a positive review on itunes.  Do both and get a double entry.  I’m extending the deadline to the Friday before the release of our 7th Episode, so September 25th.

Good Luck and thanks for listening.


Episode 005, Shield of Baal: Final Installment of the Leviathan Campaign

NGC40k Episode 005

In our fifth episode Mark and Peter continue their journey into Games Workshop’s Shield of Baal: Leviathan. This is the final coverage of the Leviathan Campaign. We dive into the missions that let you replay the story, the updated rules and things that we really enjoyed about the Leviathan Campaign book. If you haven’t taken a look at this Campaign series yet, I strongly recommend it.

Bolter Porn Segment: Did Sergeant Valus survive the explosion? Will someone else have to take up the mantle of leading 1st squad? Find out in this episode.

The Hobby Spotlight is on Peter’s Raven Guard Iron Clad dreadnought. The model that gave Peter the inspiration and confidence to do a tough reconstruct with an Imperial Knight. Dreadnought Photos

Please remember that we have started our Book Review with the Shield of Baal novella, Tempestus written by Braden Campbell. We will be giving our formal review in episode 006.

Also, Mechanical Warhorse has given us a Pipe Works set to give away to our listeners. To enter into the drawing, like our facebook page or leave us a positive review on itunes. Do both for a double entry. The winner will be announced in Episode 006.

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Event Sponsors Wanted

The Apoc Luck Finale is just around the corner, Saturday November 14th.  We are looking for prize support for this free to attend event.  If you are a business and would like to sponsor this event, please contact me at

Mechanical Warhorse has returned to pledge their support again for this event.  Thank you Carlos.

Secret Weapon Miniatures has also pledged support. Thank you Justin.