Episode 012 Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 012 Holiday Extravaganza


In our twelth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and some major life changes. The theme of the show is “What do you want out of your hobby for Christmas and next year?” We also pose the question “If you could sit on Jervis Johnson’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas from Games Workshop, what would it be? The naming Peter’s jump Chaplain contest is still going, so submit your naming ideas. We hear from a few new friends and have an interview with Kenny from Combat Phase and learn about the gaming scene in Sweden.

Bolter Segment: The 2015 Bolter Compilation. Ten minutes of exciting drama through the ears of Sergeant Valus.

NGC40k Episode 007, Chelsea Goodness

NGC40k Episode 007

In our seventh episode Mark and Peter take a break from the Leviathan campaign, well sort of. We discuss the start of our NGC night, How we would like the listeners to get more involved in the podcast and the Chelsea mission in battles played.

Bolter Porn Segment: The Ork asteroid bombardment intensifies as Brother Maxus tries to figure out the extent of Sergeant Valus’s injuries.

Peter interviews Kenny from the Combat Phase podcast about the Sanctus Reach campaign he ran in our local store.

Also, Mechanical Warhorse has given us a Pipe Works set to give away to our listeners. Diavlo Bablo from Poland was our lucky listener to win this cool terrain piece and he should be receiving that in the next week or so.

Up on Deck

Mark and I just wrapped up another recording session.  Not only will this next episode contain the winner of the Mechanical Warhorse Pipe works set (I’ll edit that in after the 24th), but we also have some other exciting news for our listeners.  If we could put a slogan on the episode, it would be “We Want You”.  We also have an interview with Kenny from the Combat Phase podcast.  I was able to sit with him before his trip to Sweden and record a few things regarding a campaign he ran in our local community.

There is still time to get in on the drawing for the Mechanical Warhorse Pipe works kit.  The 24th is the deadline.  To enter, simply like our Facebook page or leave us a positive review on iTunes.  Do both for a double dip.

What a great weekend.

Friday night, Mark and I were back at the bar recording the next episode.  Saturday, Kenny from the Combat Phase podcast stopped by and played a maelstrom mission with me.  I was able to see how the new Mechanicum army plays.  It was tough, but a very close game, 11-10.  Bwah, first blood, you know how it is.  In all seriousness, I had a great time joking around with my friend.  I also got a chance to record with him and get his thoughts on the Sanctus Reach campaign that he ran at the local store.  I look forward to sharing that with our listeners in an upcoming episode.  Enjoy your weekend.

Episode 003

NGC40k Episode 003

In our third episode Mark and Peter take an in depth look at Games Workshop’s Shield of Baal: Leviathan. We get roughly half way through the story in this episode. We will cover the second half in episode 4. If you haven’t taken a look at this Campaign series yet, I strongly recommend it.

Bolter Porn Segment: This is a repeat of last weeks segment. I thought of where I would like this segment to go and I’ve decided to have it grow into it’s own bi-weekly audio drama. A 40k version of Prince Valiant if you will. Each episode will build onto the previous story. We’re pretty excited about this, me especially.

The Hobby Spotlight is on Peter’s Vendetta conversion. It gives the chassis a more streamlined appearance worthy of painting teeth on the nose. (check out pics and details in the hobby spotlight page)

Vendetta Conversion Photos

We start our Book Review with the Shield of Baal novella, Tempestus written by Braden Campbell.

And Finally, Mark goes all Dennis Miller in his closing thought for the show.