Did Someone Say City Fights

Hey listeners, I’m back to bring you more from Wargames Tournaments.  This time I wanted to show you just how much city terrain they have.  It’s truly incredible.  Variety is the spice of life and your table, so let’s get started.

Wargames Tournaments has a wide selection of city ruins for you to adorn your table with.  They have modern buildings of all sizes.  It truly doesn’t take much to give you that heart of the city feel.

The next series they didn’t have when our gaming group purchased tables of terrain from them.  If they had them, I definitely would have picked up a few to sprinkle on the table.  Why?  Because they had line of sight blocking terrain in mind in the design.

Do you need a chapel in your city or want bits to create your own, Wargames Tournaments has several of these too.

It wouldn’t be an Imperial world without some sort of gothic feel.  That’s why I chose these for another table worth for our gaming group.


I told you they had a lot of city ruins.  You mix a table of this up and you really have a city where each piece stands out, yet the whole table melds together in one great city scape.

Now onto something I really like, modern buildings that are complete.  Not every building in your city needs to be a blown out shell.  A few of these on the table will truly make the city feel complete.


We all love scatter terrain and here are a few bits that Wargames Tournaments has.

Finally the cats meow.  An entire city scape, streets and all, in one convenient package.


I have a lot more from Wargames Tournaments to share throughout the month, so stay tuned.

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