NGC40k Episode 008 Death Storm

NGC40k Episode 008

In our eighth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby, some cool items purchased and a local community’s effort to improve their gaming experience. They also continue their journey in the Sheild of Baal Campaign and talk about the Death Storm background story and give a run down of the missions pack.

Bolter Segment: The Ork asteroid bombardment continues as Brother Maxus and Sergeant Valus have a battle of wits.

Mark and Peter also discuss some of their favorite blogs and youtube channels.


*The forums are still being worked on as we get ready for listeners to participate in the Collatus Sector.

Tell a Friend Campaign

Mark and I are always thinking of ways to get you the listeners more involved.  This new and continuing campaign will be a tell a friend campaign.  Every 500 likes we get on our Facebook page, we will have a drawing.  The listener will receive a custom piece of terrain from both Mark and myself.  So two kick ass custom pieces to add to your table just for spreading the word about our show.  Bonus, we will include a Mechanical Warhorse billboard.  Yes the same billboards you’ve heard so much about.  These billboards I include in every Apoc Luck game, not only because they look awesome, but functionally they are great to have on the table.

So tell a friend, like our Facebook page and thanks for listening.