Pegasus Gone Gothic

Hey Listeners, I’m back again with another installment of Model Terrain Company of the Month.  We continue with Pegasus Hobbies terrain.

This post will be quick and dirty, but should be loads of fun.  One of the most versatile kit series I’ve seen out there is the Gothic Buildings and Gothic Ruins kits.  They are totally modular, lock in tightly with each other and offer up some great terrain creating capabilities.  I’ve made plenty of structural ruins, a chapel large enough to house a Warhound titan and I have plans for many more buildings.  I’ve seen loads of uses from tight hab blocks by the Narrative Guys to the towering superstructure of an Imperator Titan at the Apocalypse event at Adepticon.

The kits are simple, yet oh man what you can do with them.  The Pegasus Hobbies Gothic buildings are durable all plastic kits, super easy to paint up, and best of all, they look great on the table top.  Here are some of mine.

Let’s have some fun with this.  Whatever hobby group site you see this on, including the podcast Facebook page, post images of what you have created with these kits.

I have a lot more from Pegasus Hobbies to share throughout the month, so stay tuned.

Go check out what Pegasus Hobbies has to offer.  Follow them on Facebook at Pegasus Hobbies.

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A Table Centerpiece


It’s been crazy busy here at the NGC house.  Apoc Events, planning NGC events, hobbying and then there is this guy.  A while back I volunteered to help raise money for Blake and Ed, from the Life After the Cover Save, to go to England.  I offered to construct a building like I do for my Apoc Games.  Since it was a prize, I put in a lot of extra work to make it as special as I could for the raffle winner.  I was competing with a TableWar case and it’s pretty hard to top that.

I really wanted to get this project complete and to David the winner of the building.  So after the Apoc Luck Finale I dropped everything I was working on and solely focused on this project to wrap it up.  And now it’s complete and I’m ready to show it off.

I’ll post a full progress album on the NGC40K Facebook page for folks to look at how I built this.

Watch for the Christmas episode to drop soon.

Shattered Landscape Debut

Hey Everyone, we are back with another installment of Model Terrain Company of the month.  I get pretty darn excited when we are asked to help show off a new product.  This time it’s from our friends at Death Ray Designs.

They are coming out strong with their Shattered Landscape set and it’s at a great price point, especially in the bundle.  Something that I always struggle with involving structures is their placement to their surrounding.  These structures have enough mix of modern and turn of the century that they would easily blend in on any board.  Like an old bank in a modern downtown or the newest building in a old world, they still look appropriate for their setting.

What I find great about these ruin kits is the variety in size.  I see them used like in the pictures or gluing them to a base and detailing out the fallen structure in the center.  These Death Ray Design kits have a lot of potential.  I’m looking forward to what they add to the Shattered Landscape series.


They have many more great kits available, but you don’t wait for me to tell you about them.

Go check out Death Ray Designs.

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August is for Armorcast

This month I reached out to one of the terrain company originals, Armorcast.  They have been in the biz since I’ve been in this hobby and they are still going strong.  Since the days of my first Reaver Titan, I’m always looking to see what cool stuff they are creating and how I can use it on the table top to better create my story.  I have boxes of there resin terrain kits for various projects I’m working on.  Over time I’ll be completing those projects and showing off pics and telling people just where I got those pieces that make the terrain pop.  Why wait when I can show you some cool stuff now.

Urban settings are very popular in the setting of Warhammer 40k and Armorcast has some great scenery for this.  Gothic to modern they have some great pieces for your table.  The Cathedral is amazing and they have a ruined version too.  I really like the modularity of the Goth Tech kits.  I was already thinking how I can combine this with other kits to make some truly amazing scenery.  If you are more into the modern look, they have you covered there as well.  Plenty of room to create your perfect cityscape and with their strong resin you know your terrain can handle some wear and tear.

I’ve said it before that I love scatter terrain and it can really spice up a city scene.  Armorcast has a wide variety, so much so that I thought it best to include it with each theme.  From roof top accessories to mailboxes, they got you covered.  They even have individual trash piles to make those alley ways seem all the more derelict.

Armorcast was kind enough to send me kits to give away to our listeners.  Give the Armorcast Facebook page a ‘like’ and stay current on their latest releases.  Expect more great stuff in the weeks ahead.


As Always:

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Cities of Tomorrow

Continuing with our featured Model Terrain Company of the Month, we look at some of the futuristic city pieces that GameCraft Miniatures has to offer.  From the high rises of downtown to the future orient district, there is plenty of room to create the scene you are looking for.  Most of you know that I’m a fan of large terrain pieces, be they tall or real estate hogs.  Any thing that breaks up the skyline.  So you may have guessed my favorite structure is the sleek high rise.  It is sure to grab some attention.

There is a lot of great terrain out there and plenty that would fill up an entire game board with a fantastic sci fi scenery with an old orient twist.  These main center pieces from Gamecraft Miniatures are a great place to start to create that table.

Lastly, we all want to see buildings that are functional besides cool pieces on our table top.  Gamecraft Miniatures offers modular stackable sets.  You want a sniper team on the 7th floor, you want to send in squad after squad into close quarter melee and follow them every floor after dangerous floor to try and remove that threat, you can do it with these kits.

We’ll be back in another week to bring you more from Gamecraft Miniatures.

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