Alien Worlds

Before the close of August I wanted to give one more blast from Armorcast.  One of the toughest terrains to find is items that represent an alien landscape.  Aquarium vegetation and some specific finds in the flower décor department are great, yet the boards are always missing something.  Centerpiece terrain.  Terrain that truly looks foreign in nature.  Few places have them and I’m happy to point out that Armorcast is one of them.

Armorcast has a wide variety of alien plant life that could double for some of that classic death world terrain.  They also have birthing pods for alien fauna or perhaps something more sinister.

This terrain would look great accented with some of that aquarium terrain I mentioned earlier.

They also have great looking terrain to accompany any Nid board you have.  Plant life that looks like it is ready to burst with biomatter.  Endless consumption on the way to the digestive pools.  Armorcast Biolab terrain can help flesh out that special space or bring more character to your death world.


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HC3D Bio Terrain

Horizon Creation 3D has some great Bio Terrain, perfect for creating a Tyranid invaded world.    I thought this terrain was perfect for my 40k Warzone Valedor table that I made for the 2017 Apoc Luck series.  Painted up in Leviathan, Kraken or a scheme of your own, this terrain will look great on your table top and really pull you into the story.

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