Episode 041: Has it Been Three Years?

Mark and Peter celebrate the three year anniversary of the NGC04k Podcast.

In this episode you will hear the Bandrois Campaign like never before.

The battle is taken to the streets on Chargis III, with an all new mission that we will share on the website.

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Episode 041

Breaking out of Hobby Stagnation

Mark and I are breaking out of hobby stagnation one game at a time.  In our recent episode we talked about our struggles in the hobby and quickly figured out what the solution was.  Playing games.  Not just any games, games with friends and like minded players.  Games where we knew we would have a good time because of the company we were in.  We set out to do just that.

So I called Mark up and said let’s do this, and we agreed to play at my place.  I set the points to 1248pts.  We both have fun with these off the cuff point levels.  Then I set up parts of my canyon board, knowing it may be my last game on this board before I sold it.  Making it extra special, I set up some of the Mechanical Warhorse Terrain I had been working on and decided the scenario would be a War Torn Mining Town.

I thought it would be an interesting change to be fighting along the river rather than across it.  I used the Open War cards, hand selected the deployment and drew an objective.  I was going to hand pick this too, but the first one I drew I thought was pretty cool (The Comet).  The first draw on the Twist was interesting and appropriate as well (Dead of Night).


I won the roll off and chose to go second, based on the scenario.  Mark brought a well rounded Astro Militarum Force.  I chose to bring my Honoured Sons painted in Detroit Mitus campaign colors.  I also decided now was the time to break out my RainbowWarriors and had two squad of Intercessors join the battle.

It was a hard fought battle and a blast to play.  In the end I managed to prevent Mark from being able to claim the objective, despite his valiant efforts to do so.  I learned Intercessors play like how I picture Astartes being in the game, tough as nails and deadly in all forms of combat.  I also learned that with the right orders, AM could put out an amazing volume of fire, hold their own in the face of certain doom and rely on powerful characters to stand their ground.

I had a great time and look forward to our next match.

Episode 039; Stagnation Nation

Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and what gorilla glue is not meant for.

Segment 1: We discuss Hobby Stagnation. What got us into it and the simple remedy to get you out of it.

Segment 2: We answer a two part listener question about the collecting and expansion of your current army, and how to tackle lopsided victories in a campaign.

Episode 39

Bonding with the Hobby

My son has been asking for…..ev…..er to get his own army and play the game dad plays.  We sat down and picked an army for him.  We looked through the marine codex and the army he chose was Black Templars.  Praise Be!

This week he turned the big 7.  I felt he was old enough to start introducing him into the hobby.  So for his birthday I bought him his first Tactical Squad and a batch of Reivers.  I let him pick what he wanted the squad to be equipped with.  A 7yr old follows the Rule of Cool.  I enjoyed the choices and his reasons to why.

More Father Son hobby time to follow.


I spent the day at Pegasus Games in Madison, playing in an event ran by the local MYCL gaming group. Kenny from the Combat Phase was the event host. I had a great time, met some new people and even won Best Painted. I was really happy to be able to participate in an event that wasn’t my own for a change.

The event was a more narrative driven tournament, which meant the missions were story driven with an over arching theme, in this case the great rift as it happened. Also, this required a two paragraph story on your force and they wanted it based on a Black Library book or codex. Mine was the Honoured Sons of course, expanding on the one paragraph about them in the codex that has them fighting a Tyranid Hive Fleet Jormungandr.

I included some pics of a few armies that were on display.

Thanks again Kenny for running this event.

Episode 036; Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf part II

Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and man you’d be impressed cause there was a lot of it. We also discuss the fantastic thing you can do with sticky notes and other sure to be interesting topics.

Segment 1: We close out the chapter of Sanctus Reach with Hour of the Wolf part II.

Segment 2: We discuss all the missions that go along with the Hour of the Wolf campaign supplement, as well as the game we played using one of said missions. It was a lot of fun, so stick around for that.

Battle for Detros Mitus: A changing of the guard brings Detros Mitus a new commander and a new war. Glavious receives the order he’s been waiting so many long months to hear.
(music in this audio drama is Head Space 2 provided by Thomas Prislac of PDXvoiceteacher)

Episode 036

Episode 034; Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf part I

In our 34th episode,

Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress, fun with Play-Doh and other sure to be interesting topics.

Segment 1: We continue our Sanctus Reach coverage with the third campaign supplement: Hour of the Wolf

Segment 2: Mark walks us through a narrative mission he created for RockCon and we also answer some narrative questions from listeners.

Battle for Detros Mitus: Lord Commissar Henesun is on a mission directed from the Adeptus Administratum with the sole purpose of bringing the Imperial forces on Detros Mitus back from the brink of despair. There is only one place to begin that journey.

(music in this audio drama is Head Space 2 provided by Thomas Prislac of PDXvoiceteacher)

Episode 034

October is out with a Bang!

4bot-Industries, our October Model Terrain Company of the Month has passed on some fantastic news about a Kickstarter they are launching soon.  They will have base sets with extensive add-on opportunities available.  Check out this HAB set that will be part of the Kickstarter.  This is 3d printed.  You can purchase the 3d files themselves allowing you to print them yourself.


The potential for this is massive.  So many ideas already forming in my head for scenarios.  I could see this easily being useful for creating the interior of a ship.  Then to complete the stage, put pipeworks, vessel load bearing structure beams and other things between the hallways.  This set is going to be rockin’!

They are also adding to their product line an interlocking system called 4B-LOC.  4bot-Industries stated it will allow stable multi-layer designs.  Check out those stairs and that upper / lower deck set up.  I can’t express it enough, the potential for this is massive.  This too is 3d printed with much of it available in casting molds as well.  So buy the files or buy the molds, the board you can create is only limited by your imagination.


This is new territory for 4bot-Industries and they are nailing it.

As soon as the Kickstarter date is set, I’ll pass that information along.

Go check out 4bot-industries what has to offer.  Follow them on Facebook at 4bot-industries.

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4bot for all you AoS players

We are back with another spotlight on our Model Terrain Company of the Month, 4bot-industries.  Again, 4bot-industries is unique in that they sell you the molds and you make the terrain yourself.  You can make as much as you want of a given piece.  No more purchasing a dozen kits to get an individual piece to create the terrain piece you dreamed up.  Simply get the mold with that bit and cast as many as you need.

Their Tudor City Builder collection is perfect for creating that little hamlet.  It would be great for you Age of Sigmar players and I could see this being used in an agri world in 40k.  Why stop at a hamlet?  You have the molds, create your own village.  Their is enough variety in the Tudor City Builder collection to imagine up dozens of different structures.

Stucco, stone, wood and more.  The molds by 4bot-industries will have your imagination running wild with what you can create.  I’m already dreaming up ideas of how I could combine these with the other molds from the cavern and dungeon series.

Go check out 4bot-industries has a ton more to offer and I’ll touch on them several more times this month.  Follow them on Facebook at 4bot-industries.

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