Episode 38; A Journey in Writing

Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Segment 1: So you want to be a writer. Peter Walks through his journey in writing. Advice received in the Adepticon Black Library classes. Suggestions for moving your own writing goals forward as well as where he plans to go from here.

Segment 2: Mark and Peter answer listener questions on running campaigns, map campaigns, narrative missions and the possibility of a Battle for Detros Mitus mission pack.

Battle for Detros Mitus: We take you back a few years to where it all began.

Episode 38

Guys, where have you been?

Afternoon listeners.

I’m sure many of you are wondering where have we been.  Rest assured we are still around, in fact I’m busy editing Episode 38.

Mark has been insanely busy balancing school, family and his day job.  I have been busy with Adepticon, the Black Library submission, as well as finishing up my own children’s story ‘The Adventures of Tenian Fieldmouse’.

So hang in there, a new episode is on it’s way.

If you are wondering what I’m up to from day to day, follow us on twitter @ngc40k


Out Like a Lion

With March almost over I have one more blast from BlueForge Terrain, our Model Terrain Company of the Month.

I really like what BlueForge makes and as a hobby terrain maker they are great inspiration.  I’m always striving to improve my skills, learn new techniques or just get creative.  BlueForge custom makes this terrain and it’s amazing.  So if you have an idea for a board, go check them out at www.blueforgeterrain.com for your next terrain purchase.

As war gamers, we love our fortifications.  So let’s kick this off with some bunkers and emplacements.  Whether you are trying to protect vehicles, supplies or your troops, they have you covered.  The barricade wall is solid as well.

BlueForge Terrain also makes various structures and facilities to go along with their emplacements.  You want to spice up that base, how about adding a Missile Bay, Comm Towers, Reactors or simply adding a few Barracks goes a long way on a board like this.

Since you decided to add a list of assets to your terrain arsenal, you are going to need to protect them with more than a few bunkers.

BAM!!!!! You need to protect your assets with thick wall sections that were designed to take a beating and keep them out of your goods.

And when you need to ship in fresh troops to man those walls or you’ve had an epic wall breach and you need to skat the heck out of there, BlueForge Terrain has your answer.  Landing Pads.  My favorite of these is the lofted landing pad with the bridge, it’s just awesome.

Saving my favorite thing for last.  I just love the airfield set.  This board is my top pick.

Airfield installation

BlueForge Terrain has a lot more products than I was able to cover in a month.  So go check them out at www.blueforgeterrain.com and tell me what your favorite kit they make is.

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March Manufacturing Madness Continues

Continuing our Model Terrain Company of the Month with BlueForge Terrain.  I have some pretty sweet kits to show you.  As a big terrain enthusiast myself, I’m very impressed with what these guys are making with foam and bits.  If I could pick these guys brains for a single evening, that would be awesome.

Again Blue Forge Terrain is a custom terrain making company.  They love building this stuff and when they get things together, they put them out there and offer them to the world.  You pick the pieces you want and they custom build them for you.  You can either get them primed black so you can paint them to match your existing scenery or you can have them done up like the photo at a very cost.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

The BlueForge mining facility terrain is pretty spectacular.  It’s big and beefy like what you would expect out of such a facility.  Their full kit even has a landing pad.

Then there is the manufacturing facilities.

Then you need places to store all the stuff these facilities are making.

Then you need crates and containers to hold the widgets being produced that can then be stored in the various sized warehouses.  Then you need a crane to move the containers around.  See where I’m going with this.  Man the folks over at BlueForge Terrain are inspiring.

I have a lot more from BlueForge Terrain to share this month, so stay tuned.

Go check them out at www.BlueForgeTerrain.com

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Episode 037: The Narrative Guys

Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress, the busyness of life and the endless uses of packaging tape.

Segment 1: We finally come back to the Bandrois Campaign, discuss our game, new unique rules and plan our future narrative game in the series.

Segment 2: Peter has an excellent interview with his good friends Dan and Glenn from The Narrative Guys. They say everything is bigger in Texas, it definitely holds true with the narrative gaming. They discuss getting started, highlights and pitfalls, as well as designing gaming tables. As important as learning the use of three seashells, learn the three rules of having a good time at a narrative event.

Battle for Detros Mitus: A changing of the guard brings Detros Mitus a new commander and a new war. Glavious receives the order he’s been waiting so many long months to hear.
(music in this audio drama is Head Space 2 provided by Thomas Prislac of PDXvoiceteacher)

Episode 037

Bonding with the Hobby

My son has been asking for…..ev…..er to get his own army and play the game dad plays.  We sat down and picked an army for him.  We looked through the marine codex and the army he chose was Black Templars.  Praise Be!

This week he turned the big 7.  I felt he was old enough to start introducing him into the hobby.  So for his birthday I bought him his first Tactical Squad and a batch of Reivers.  I let him pick what he wanted the squad to be equipped with.  A 7yr old follows the Rule of Cool.  I enjoyed the choices and his reasons to why.

More Father Son hobby time to follow.

March Madness is Going Custom

You ever thought about going with custom made terrain?  Custom terrain varies from the simple home made stuff you see on Ebay to top notch stuff you see from Greenleaf.  BlueForge Terrain is a top tier custom terrain company that delivers their works for an affordable price.  They are constantly expanding the products they offer and it awe inspiring to see what these guys create.  Their products are a mix of plastic kits and custom cut foam.  They offer them fully painted and detailed or you can get them primed in black allowing you to paint it to match your existing terrain.

Kick up the foot rest and lean back in those recliners, March Madness Model Terrain Company of the Month is going custom with BlueForge Terrain.

Let’s start off with some sweet pieces.  Everyone loves pipeworks, they can be used on just about every table to give it some industrial feel.  I really like the raised truss framed pipes.

Pipes have to lead somewhere, drain something, or fill something.  An easy go to is a tank of some sort.  The tank terrain pieces they make are excellent places to start.  They are killin it with the large tank on the platform.  Are you getting motivated to build a table, I know I am.

If creating your own table and grabbing bits and pieces from different vendors isn’t your thing, and you just want an entire set up right out of the box?  BlueForge Terrain has you covered with their Chemical Plant and their large Chemical Plant Collection.

Best of all they have their own custom tables to put all this beautiful terrain on too.  The Chemical Plant Table is incredible.

Chemical Plant Table

I have a lot more from BlueForge Terrain to share throughout the month, so stay tuned.

Go check them out at www.BlueForgeTerrain.com

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It is Sunday Night oh What a Night

Tonight the infamous Dan and Glenn from The Narrative Guys was on the show.  I had a great time chatting them up, two wonderful people that are passionate about the hobby and narrative gaming.

The evening started off like a scary movie for anyone  in media as my equipment that was supposed to be simple was failing me.  I went with an even simpler approach and it ran great.  But let me tell you for 30min, I was screaming like Jamie Lee Curtis inside.

We had a great conversation from what got them into 40k, to what drove them to narrative gaming, to their philosophies on terrain building.  I can’t wait to share that with you guys.  Look for that in episode 37.

To Glenn and Dan, huge thank you for being patient for this interview.  I look forward to buying you a beer at Adepticon.  Until then, have a great narrative game.


I spent the day at Pegasus Games in Madison, playing in an event ran by the local MYCL gaming group. Kenny from the Combat Phase was the event host. I had a great time, met some new people and even won Best Painted. I was really happy to be able to participate in an event that wasn’t my own for a change.

The event was a more narrative driven tournament, which meant the missions were story driven with an over arching theme, in this case the great rift as it happened. Also, this required a two paragraph story on your force and they wanted it based on a Black Library book or codex. Mine was the Honoured Sons of course, expanding on the one paragraph about them in the codex that has them fighting a Tyranid Hive Fleet Jormungandr.

I included some pics of a few armies that were on display.

Thanks again Kenny for running this event.