Time for Space Marine

Been working on the new and improved Bolter Segment.  I can’t wait to roll that out in the next episode.  In the meantime, it’s Saturday Night!

Im going to fire up the 360 and plug in the Classic title by THQ, Space Marine.  I do this every Saturday evening.  My gamer tag ends in Smurf.  If you see me on there, send me a friend request.  I’m always happy to hook up with more 40k enthusiasts.

It’s time we revived this

Calling all video gamers on Xbox and PlayStation, let’s revive a video game.  Specifically, Space Marine.

Space Marine is a fun game set in the world of 40k.  Not only was the play through addicting, the online play is a blast too.  I’m going to start setting some time aside on Saturday nights (9pm CST until I run out of beer) to play the heck out of this game online.  Look for me on xbox live, my tag ends in smurf.

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