October is out with a Bang!

4bot-Industries, our October Model Terrain Company of the Month has passed on some fantastic news about a Kickstarter they are launching soon.  They will have base sets with extensive add-on opportunities available.  Check out this HAB set that will be part of the Kickstarter.  This is 3d printed.  You can purchase the 3d files themselves allowing you to print them yourself.


The potential for this is massive.  So many ideas already forming in my head for scenarios.  I could see this easily being useful for creating the interior of a ship.  Then to complete the stage, put pipeworks, vessel load bearing structure beams and other things between the hallways.  This set is going to be rockin’!

They are also adding to their product line an interlocking system called 4B-LOC.  4bot-Industries stated it will allow stable multi-layer designs.  Check out those stairs and that upper / lower deck set up.  I can’t express it enough, the potential for this is massive.  This too is 3d printed with much of it available in casting molds as well.  So buy the files or buy the molds, the board you can create is only limited by your imagination.


This is new territory for 4bot-Industries and they are nailing it.

As soon as the Kickstarter date is set, I’ll pass that information along.

Go check out 4bot-industries what has to offer.  Follow them on Facebook at 4bot-industries.

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A Call to Arms

Hey ngc40k listeners,

A friend of the show is putting together a Kickstarter to create a fulltime YouTube channel devoted to the hobby.  Please show your support by subscribing to his channel and backing his dream financially any way you can. #helptemplarscrusade01

Go to his Facebook page Templarscrusade01 he has links on how to support the effort before the Kickstarter goes live.