Heart of the Community Follow Up

Thanks to all that donated, including the local store Pegasus Games. A huge thanks to David and Matt.  They have the double hearts of the Astartes.  And rounding things out, thanks to our sponsor Rear Echelon Games for throwing in some discount vouchers.

You all have been great, the guys really appreciate it.  I’m glad we are a strong community that can help turn a tragic event around for people when they need it.


The Campaign Continues

Hey all,

The Heart of the Community campaign to raise funds and models for the stolen Adepticon armies is going strong.  A bunch of models were donated and thus far we’ve raised over $100.

This is fantastic, but don’t let it stop there.  Six armies were stolen and we all know how expensive this hobby is.

I want to give a special shout out to David and Matt, the two guys that ran the Friday Night Titan event at Adepticon.  These guys practically opened their closets and said take whatever you can use.  This was unexpected and I think shows incredible character.

If you want to know more, review the Heart of the Community tab.

If you want to show your support, go to the Heart of the Community tab and find how how.  Or contact me via email at ngc40k@gmail.com or message me through Facebook.  I’ll be happy to let you know how.

NGC40k Update

Hey listeners,

We will have a brand new episode next week covering Exterminatus amongst other exciting things.  Sorry for the delay in episode release. My career pulled me away for a few weeks.

If you are wanting to contribute to help your fellow gamers get back on the table as quickly as possible, they could still use your support.  We’ve had two generous local donors and I’ve put funds in the pot as well.  Six armies lost is a lot to recover from, but I know the community will come through for them.  For more information on what happened please view the link “Heart of the Community”.  If you are a store and you wish to donate to help these gamers, we will mention you throughout the year on the show.

In the meantime, Have a great narrative game everybody.



Heart of the Community

Several members of our community on their way to Adepticon, had their car stolen in Milwaukee.  In this car were six warhammer40k armies.  Two members had their regular armies taken and all four players lost their Adepticon armies.  I’m reaching out to the local and broader community for support on getting these guys back on the tables as quickly as we can.  I know the community is ruthless on the tabletop, but we are a close community of Big Hearts.

There are several ways to show your support:

-Send an unbuilt kit or a constructed model of one of the armies taken, email me for my address info at ngc40k@gmail.com.

-I started an account to pool fund replacements for them as well.(send paypal funds to: ngc40k@gmail.com)

-Of course any other way you wish to show support is always welcome.

The armies taken were Raven Guard, Ultramarines, Ad Mech, Khorne and Tzeentch Demons and Astra Millitarum.

I’ve created a page that I will leave up so players can continue their support until the end of April.

Huge Thanks ahead of time.