Bandrois Missions

Please enjoy our narrative missions to play for yourselves.  Feel free to leave feedback with pictures of your game.  Have a great narrative game everybody.


2 comments on “Bandrois Missions

  1. NGC40k Custom Narrative Mission:
    Bandrois Campaign
    “Fault Transmitter”

    In the past year, the makeshift armies formed by the PDF and turf farmers of Chargis III have been dealt serious blows in their failed attempts to keep the allies of Arturos Bandrois cornered within the bogs and swamps surrounding his stronghold. In repeated attempts to resupply their vehicles with fuel and their guns with ammunition, they have found themselves expending more fuel and ammunition than what was gained in the fight. To make matters worse, recent negotiations with a passing Marines Errant frigate ended in catastrophe as Raven Guard marines simultaneously came to the aid of the Bandrois Corporations. While no one except for the involved parties knows whether the Raven Guard was there to protect the forces of the corporations or to investigate the slowed production of painite from its mines, the entire continent is shaken by the sudden appearance of Astartes upon the surface. Stories of lightning raids and shadows of power armored patrols in the swamps have shaken the morale of the PDF, and splintered their ranks. Several detachments have followed the more aggressive nature of Commander Nikolaus Umber, doubling down on their efforts to assault bridges and choke points upon Bandrois supply lines. Others have sworn loyalty to the badly scarred and battle weary Junior Officer Jake Taffton. His rag-tag group of abhumans, criminals and asylum seekers have taken a more nuanced approach to the conflict, deciding that avoidance of full engagements is more prudent. Instead, they have begun a campaign of conscription, arming citizens with the barest of weaponry and equipment and keeping them hidden within the intact settlements surrounding the Bandrois swamps.

    This grass-roots effort has won Taffton and his men admiration from the turf farmers who have grown tired of their fields being continuously burned and trampled by skirmishes in the outskirts of town. Furthermore, the families of the painite ore miners who were massacred by the hundreds in the previous months appreciate a break in the action to properly bury their fallen and rehabilitate families who are adrift without any source of income. The populist swell of loyalty to this group has created lines of information to flow back to the ranks. Farmers and miners once loyal to Bandrois are now acting as double agents, and have supplied Taffton with intelligence on the movements of the normally secretive and undetectable Raven Guard. Talk of Raven Guard being present on the planet for more nefarious reasons are surfacing, and the rather spiritual and pagan farming communities have become more vocal in their dissatisfaction of the belligerent rule of law that always accompanies the presence of Astartes. Almost overnight, even the most benign of crimes were being prosecuted.

    Some of the people were not happy. Their unhappiness turned into anger, their anger into lies.

    Someone needed to be told that the Raven Guard were guilty of atrocity and heresy. This was hastily decided around a fire built from burning tires, a collection of abhumans and near-mutants that wore ugly faces and terrible wounds, both physical and psychological. A message needed to be sent, a message that told the galaxy that they were here. They needed to be heard, their story needed to be received by anyone who would listen.

    The message would be sent on a tight beam through the atmosphere using a frigate transmitter. Frigate transmitters were normally used to send regular bursts of rote data to mining frigates and defense drones: schedules, departures, manifests. Most of these had gone silent and had their access had been locked after the flow of painite had been choked into a trickle. By early evening, the tire-fire council performed the equivalent of bashing a padlock with a brick and had fired up the cooling fans of the transmitter with some cajoling. After the roar of laughter and cheering had subsided, the machine was adjusted to perform the tight beam transmission, and the heat levels in the sinks spiked. The crowd watched with awe and fascination as the vents poured super-heated gas into the air around its perimeter in regular intervals, the gas glowing in the moonlight of the new evening. Soon, very soon, it would hum their pre-recorded message into the stars.

    It was at this point that bolter fire was heard in the distance, and the people started screaming.


    Open War.

    The Raven Guard player will have 1000 points or so at his disposal. 3 command points. No Chaptermasters.

    The transmitter will be placed in the center of one quadrant of the board.

    The Raven Guard deployment zone will be the opposite board edges from this quadrant.

    The PDF player will field foot-centric Imperial Guard, 3 command points, no Company Commanders, no vehicles that are bigger than a chimera chassis and no basilisks or tanks, about 1000 points. One Psyker is deployed upon the transmitter.

    The Imperial Player will deploy wholly within his quadrant. Infiltrators and other units that are sneaky like that can deploy elsewhere. Three units must be kept in reserves.

    The Citizens Revolt Rule: The Imperial Player may spend one command point (once per turn) to bring on one of his reserves units from any board edge.

    Transmitter Warming Up: At the end of turn Five the Imperial Player will roll a die. On a 4+ the game ends. At the end of turn Six the Imperial Player will roll a die. On a 3+ the game ends. The game automatically ends at the end of turn seven.

    It’s a Do or Die Situation We Will Be Invincible: All Imperial morale casualties (battleshock) within 6” of the transmitter will be halved, rounding up.

    Extra Points for Civility: If the Raven Guard player initiates a State Change (see below) he can also turn off the transmitter and end the mission when the state change is complete. The transmitter is, after all, Imperial property.

    The Raven guard player will move onto the table edge. His mission is to destroy the transmitter. Here are the rules for the transmitter:

    T7 W14 Sv5+

    The following is a transcript describing the tower, extracted from Torn Martyr archives from 175 years ago.

    -++incoming transmission++-


    Dear sirs,

    I have received a contract signed by your unnamed superiors to supply you with the most recent data concerning the Standard Process Frigate Uplink Station Unit 45 in the region of 5.67 Chargis III. What follows is all data I have concerning the subject. It shall be compiled into the distribution database by the time you receive this copy. My employer, Granzel Narendra, has supplied the translation protocols, and has assured me that there will be no instances of mistranslation in this fencepost. End.

    SPFUSUn45, Sector 5.67Chargis III / Lake Delta (Bandrois) Quadrant

    The Frigate Uplink Station Unit is of the Series VII variant, produced by Standard Process tug-factories throughout the last 25 years. From the base to the antenna array, fifty-five feet tall.

    The base of the structure is sealed with ceramite with plasteel coatings. Inside the large bell-like structure is housed the main core of the transmitter. The core of the transmitter is protected with 11.5″ of lead casing. Until Standard Process came out with the Series VIII, these cores were prone to regular overheating. The steel ring ladder can be used to access the thermal vents, which need regular maintenance and cleaning if proper venting is to be achieved. (ref. Servitor Scrubbing Protocols, SPFUSUs7SSP v1.0)

    A cooling tower is mounted to the top of the SUS, these Mk7 models were implemented after the meltdown incident in Yor province, and the unintentional vaporization of Chargis laborers. The cooling units are produced by the Lathekin Mechanical Brigade, and consist of mainly a super-cooled liquid pumped into the core, recycled, and returned through the heat sinks with a minimal decrease in efficiency during peak use.

    Mounted above the cooling unit is a custom-built add-on, the defense nest. This “third story” was added on by Bandrois Corporation after the Pressboard Riots. Currently all armament has been stripped of the structure. Towering above this is the array itself, which automatically corrects itself to follow the geosynchronous orbit of the Standard Process Drone Signal Satellite (SPDSS). The dish has been modified from a design originally used to track low-level interceptors. It is a highly precise and fragile instrument.

    The operation of the transmitter is achieved by accessing the main panel on the reactor wall itself. This is located just to the right of the chain ladder. This panel will send a signal to the SPDSS, which will in turn send a coded signal to the over 120,000 drones that swirl in unison above Chargis III. When these Drones are active, they may be set to fire at targets according to their signatures, with precision able to pick out a single ballistic missile or even a large projectile.

    Unfortunately, as of this report, the SPFUSUn45 has suffered a minor malfunction. Due to the riots and siege of Bandrois outposts, lack of maintenance of the unit has led to several of the access memory modules from the panel becoming either missing or inaccessible using standard user interfaces. At the time of this report, the signal sent to the SPDSS seems to re-code itself into a string that emulates a “full-auto” sequence. The drones are currently set to full-auto, and the only other setting is achieved by shutting down the transmitter completely and re-booting the module. Then, and only then, can the drones be set to a hibernative “full-off” state.

    Again, in order to re-activate the drones, a re-boot of the module is necessary, and the initialization sequence must be reloaded into the main drives.

    Find attached my invoice for services rendered.

    ++Transmission Ended++


    The Com-Tower operates most like a ruin. In order to access the second and third stories, a unit on foot must use the ladders alongside the tower. A model may use the ladder by moving up it as if changing levels in a ruin.

    Models on the vents (2nd level) will gain no cover save unless blocked by a part of the building. Models on the third floor (the defense nest) will gain a 5+ cover save.

    The Com-Tower will be set at the beginning of the game to “full-auto.” When this setting is active, no flyers, drop pods, Flying creatures, or “physical means of insertion” will be allowed to arrive from reserve and/or deploy onto the battlefield.

    If the Com-Tower’s state is set to “full-off,” then there will be no restriction to Drop Pods, Flyers, FMLs et al arriving from reserve.

    The State of the Tower is constant, and affects all players at all times. Note that this ONLY affects units arriving from reserves; units that are already on the table will NOT be affected by a state change of the Com-Tower.

    To change the state of the Com-Tower, an infantry unit with a toughness must claim the objective, uncontested, (be within 3″ of it, objective secured rules apply) at the beginning of their turn.

    The objective is the panel on the side of the building. The 3″ will be measured from the buttons on the panel itself. No other part of the building is important in terms of the objective secured.

    At the BEGINNING OF A PLAYER’S TURN, that player may initiate a State Change of the Com-Tower. If it is off, it will be turned on, and vice versa. This action will occur before reserves arrive. It is a beginning of the turn event.

    PROPER VENTING: Models on the 2nd floor (the vents) will receive a saveable wound on a 4+ at the beginning of a State Change, as they are blasted with a super-heated coolant discharge. Models in the defense nest on the 3rd floor are not affected.

    DEFENSE NEST: The defense nest is a great spot to defend an area. Models placed on the defense nest gain a 5+ cover save and do not need to consider any part of the building itself as a hindrance to their LOS when making shooting attacks. Grenades thrown from the Defense Nest can be thrown an extra 3″.

    The RE-BOOT RULE: A single model from a unit claiming the panel must declare that they are operating the panel. This model turns all of its attention to operating the panel and staring at the progress bar on the screen. This model cannot shoot in its next shooting phase.

    The WHERE’S THE ANY KEY RULE: Models must have some form of “intelligence” in order to operate the panel. Examples of models that do not have the intelligence to do so: Beasts, most ‘Nids that aren’t half-breeds, Orks that aren’t Mekboyz, Servitors without a Techmarine nearby, Zombies.

  2. NGC40k Custom Narrative Mission:
    Bandrois Campaign
    “It’s a Trap”

    Over the past year, the Bandrois forces have led a winning campaign against the local planetary defense force. Despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, the small band successfully waged war on their terms, picking the target and location. They had several hard learned lessons when they were caught in open warfare. It drove them down a path of silent maneuvers, espionage, and hit and run tactics. In nearly every gorilla encounter, the Bandrois forces walked away in victory.

    The PDF consolidated their forces and were making strong advances, gaining territory all around the swamp. Then the astartes arrived. Their timing couldn’t have been better. Through the aid of the Raven Guard, they drove them from the swamp. They held them at the river, at the city gates and at the painite mines.

    The Raven Guard operated in shadow. The enemy always believing they were heavily outnumbered rather than encountering a superior force. Their participation a guarded secret of the Bandrois camps.

    Then operations got dicey to say the least, when the planetary defense forces were joined by Astartes of their own. The Raven Guard struck with padded gauntlets while they tried to figure out why the other marine chapter was present. This led to a high number of casualties in the bandrois camps. Though they were deemed acceptable, far better to have the Astartes fighting with gloves on then to not have them at all, or worse yet, be on the full receiving end of an Astartes with his gloves off.

    It was unknown what cord of agreement was struck between the two Astartes Chapters. What was clear is that the presence of the Blue and White grew less and less frequent, until at last they were no longer in the campaign.

    With the other Astartes chapter gone, it was clear who the emperor of mankind favored and soon the Bandrois forces were driving the PDF from their strongholds.

    The PDF were on the back foot and with that came a divide in command. The first being a man of the army, a real GI General if you will. An officer by the name of Jake Tafton. With the Astartes strength no longer backing their side, he chose to go underground, stirring discontent with mischief and lies. He used this to build up his hidden group of resistance fighters waiting for the right moment to strike. Though he wasn’t aiming for the Astartes, no. He targeted their presence on the planet, their character and most importantly their honour.

    When word spread that the resistance PDF were going to use an old transmitting tower to sow seeds of chaos in the system, the Raven Guard had to act. When decrypted communicae arrived that the resistance meant to accuse the XIXth Chapter of heresy, the dogs of war were unleashed. The gauntlet could be heard hitting the plasteel floor through an entire city, as drop pods descended from a cloaked ship in low orbit. The Raven Guard believed this to be the perfect opportunity to unleash their latest arrivals to the campaign, the primaris marines. Their assault drove a dagger into the heart of the city, leaving no resistance fighter alive.

    Furious with the blasphemy that is the accusation of heresy, the Raven Guard decided to openly target the command of the PDF. A commander by the name of Nikolus Umber, nicknamed ol guts and glory by those that fight underneath his command. He was a man of arrogance and ambition. The two worst qualities in a commander, yet he excelled. He openly sought warfare with the Bandrois forces and led the original raids into the swamp that gained the PDF so much ground. The Astartes knew he was a force to be dealt with, and that time had come. The Raven Guard would set a trap.

    The PDF were on the back foot and low in supplies. The Raven Guard would use that to their advantage. Not in what you might think, not some form of open warfare. They would use it to lure them out of hiding. If the weapons cash was invaluable, they would have to come.

    Knowing they had spies in their midst, whom they kept around to help spread false communicae of movements, they decided to loosen the grip on security of the communications room. A received transmission from the Adeptus Ministorum would give notice of a unarmed servitor platoon set to arrive in twenty days time, carrying a load of arms for the local arbites, to help maintain order and fortify the cities during the current time of conflict. The group was to arrive at the edge of the manufactorum district, in light of recent conflicts on the other side of the city involving the Astartes. Once confirmation was received from moles of their own, it was time to bring in the bait.

    The Marines Errant presence was no mishap. Ever since the turmoil of civil war on Chargis III started, interrupting the flow of Painite, the underhive market for such things expanded exponentially. Soon there were Rogue Traders everywhere trying to get in on the action, willing to risk the dangers of war to retrieve the ultimate score from the war torn planet. The Marines Errant were openly seizing any vessel that was found carrying the Imperium’s precious mineral. Several bandits were elusive and managed to evade them in their hunt to protect the Imperial shipping lanes. The Astartes came planetside to catch them on the ground, trading information for assistance, until they learned of the presence of the XIXth.

    The Raven Guard used this to find their bait. They used the same communication towers that the resistance planned to use to sow falsehoods of heresy, to relay transmissions of falsehoods of their own. The score of a lifetime. A painite bounty in a warzone full of danger. Where the reward is well worth the risk.

    The Marines Errant relayed transmissions and plotting sequences of vessels in the area. One had taken the roll as bait. Now all the Raven Guard had to do is wait for the trap to be sprung.

    Mission: It’s a Trap!

    Point Levels:
    Raiding Party: 1750pts
    Bait: 1000pts
    Ambushing Party: 1000pts

    Bait: deploys first, within 12” of the center of the board.
    Raiding Party: Comes in off either of their two board edges during turn one.
    Ambushing Party: Comes in off either of the two board edges opposite of the Raiding Party.

    First Turn: Raiding Party gets first turn.

    Mission Objectives:
    Bait: Every surviving unit is worth 3pts.
    Raiding Party: Vehicle Capture 2pts, Hold weapons cache at end of game 5pts.
    Ambushing Party: Every enemy unit destroyed, including Bait 1pt. Kill Raiding Party commander 3pts.

    Game Length: 6 turns. Turn 7 on 3+, turn 8 on a 4+, turn 9 on a 5+, turn 10 on a 6+.

    Special Rules:

    Set The Trap: At the end of each game turn, the Ambushing Party rolls a d6 and compares it to the current turn, if it less than the current turn, they immediately take their turn arriving from their board edge.

    With One Headlight: If an enemy vehicle is destroyed and doesn’t explode, leave it on the table. If the Raiding Party gets an infantry unit within 3” of the wreck, they can remove a squad member from play to drive the vehicle. The vehicle immediately has 3hp returned and uses that profile when operating it. They must take the vehicle off the board edge to capture it. Note: The new driver is too busy trying to keep the wreck running and doesn’t have time for anything else, no weapons may be fired. CC operates as normal.

    Three’s Company: Once the Ambushing Party is part of the game, each game turn is made up of three player turns, with the Ambushers going last.

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