About The Podcast

The NGC40k Podcast was birthed out of a niche gaming group of fan fiction writers that decided it wasn’t enough to tell these stories to each other, but to share them with everyone.  Tell others how we celebrate our hobby. Our group believed every time our models participate in a game there is a story to be told.  The reason they are there is as unique as the players themselves.  The story behind each army though thought out from inception can only grow richer with each game.  The story is always told best by those that have seen it firsthand, meaning from the participating army’s perspective.  Therefore we hold ourselves to a high standard of visual to inspire a great story and we share this story with those inside and outside of the club expanding the legacy of our army and our community.  The podcast will convert our groups high standard of visual to a high standard of audio.  We want you as excited to hear our podcast as we are at creating it.
What sets us apart. . .
Our Intent:
– Fan Fiction audio dramas.  This isn’t your grandpap’s radio show.
– Introduce you to narrative gaming.  You don’t have to go all extreme ironing like we have, but if we at the very least inspire you to check out the supplements Games Workshop has to offer, we feel we’ve led you to water.
-Attempt to bring you “into” our gaming group. We want you to feel like you are hanging with your friends enjoying your favorite pint.
– Provide you with updates on our hobby progress, quick battle report overviews, and hopefully provide a little inspiration.
– Hobby insights, tips, tricks and inspirations.  What are we using and how are we doing it.
– Give you our opinions on GW 40K product releases, focusing on the campaign supplements.
– Provide our reviews of GW 40K fiction releases.
– Overall goal entertain you and keep you wanting more.
What will not be heard on our show:

– Codex Overviews, Math Hammering, Tournament coverage, and anything manufactured at the Rumor Mill.

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