Episode 048: Gamehole Con Wrap-Up

Peter convinces a dozen random strangers to conduct research on how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.*

Jarred of Bolter Club fame returns to help give a run down of the first Narrative Weekender at Gamehole Con. What the events were, what went right and what we are planning for next year.

We are also starting a new Twitter hobby challenge in December so watch for details on that. We do provide details in the episode, so if you would like to get a head start on the challenge, listen to the entire episode.

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*The results are still out.

Episode 048

Gamehole Con

It was an incredible time at Gamehole Con.  The 30k & 40k events had plenty of participation.  The narrative event was all we could hope for.  The battles went back and forth between Attacker and Defender all weekend.  In the end, the Attackers prevailed by close margins.

I want to thank Jarred of the Bolter Club for letting me help design the missions and run a day of the events.  He worked incredibly hard all year to make enough terrain for the event and it looked amazing.  We even had the army that was won at the Nova Open involved (whoever painted that, it was off the hook).

I look forward to next year.  This was only the beginning.  This event is going to grow into something spectacular I just know it.

Go over to our Facebook page and find the photo album of Sunday’s events.

Gamehole Con is Underway

You heard Jarred, of Bolterclub fame, and I talk about our plans at Gamehole Con in episode 47.  There is still time to sign up and go.  Madison, WI.  Come out and play.

Do you like 40k?  Of course you do or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Well Warhammer 40k has come back in a huge way at this convention.  You’ve heard us talk about the events we are running that include Kill Team and various point levels of regular 40k.  Then our friends Joe and Levi are back again this year after running a successful Kill Team event last year.

In to 30k?  Geoff has you covered.  He is running his first ever 30k event at Gamehole Con.  He is a fellow good brother of the Bolterclub and knows how to throw down a great narrative game.  Helped us with our play testing, a special thank you to him for that.

Please show your support for these events so we can continue to see them grow.

Catch me on Sunday, say “Hi”.  I’ll have a handful of t-shirts to give out.