Closing out May with something heavy

We are back again with Lasercraft Workshop.  To close out May I thought Go Big or Go Home.  The best way to do that is with some of the largest heavy machinery pieces on the hobby market.

I present Lasercraft Workshop’s Zoned for Heavy Industry collection.  The pieces are large, creative and would make excellent centerpieces for any industrial operation.  Whether it’s mining, freight, manufacturing facilities or powering your hive cities, Lasercraft Workshop will not leave you wanting.  Well maybe for more of these awesome pieces in your terrain collection.

Let’s start with the manufacturing facilities.  These buildings are over 12″ long and would work well in just about any setting you put them in.


These next pieces are labeled as more of military complex items, like command post and missile silo, and they would work great for that, but I can also see them used as the control center for a chemical plant and the large floor vat.  Some imagination and the Lasercraft Workshop pieces can transport to a load of terrain uses.


These next pieces are thier Fusion Plant and Elevated Storage Tank.  If you wanted to go huge and I’m a fan of large terrain pieces.  The elevated storage tank could be the exhaust tower for the fusion tank, creating an epic skyline for your table.  Your whole table could be fought inside the power plant complex with the Fusion Plants at its core.  How cool would that be.


And now on to the closer of the month.  I present Lasercraft Workshop‘s Cargo Crane and Bucket Wheel Excavator.  These things are massive and a even more amazing to see first in person.  I can’t say much more than they are just Awesome.


Laser Craft Workshop has a lot more to offer than I had the chance to show you.  Check them out yourself at  To keep updated on their releases, follow them on Facebook.

To enter in our model terrain company of the month giveaways, like the NGC40k Podcast Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @ngc40k.  A random winner is drawn at the end of the month.

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