Out Like a Lion

With March almost over I have one more blast from BlueForge Terrain, our Model Terrain Company of the Month.

I really like what BlueForge makes and as a hobby terrain maker they are great inspiration.  I’m always striving to improve my skills, learn new techniques or just get creative.  BlueForge custom makes this terrain and it’s amazing.  So if you have an idea for a board, go check them out at www.blueforgeterrain.com for your next terrain purchase.

As war gamers, we love our fortifications.  So let’s kick this off with some bunkers and emplacements.  Whether you are trying to protect vehicles, supplies or your troops, they have you covered.  The barricade wall is solid as well.

BlueForge Terrain also makes various structures and facilities to go along with their emplacements.  You want to spice up that base, how about adding a Missile Bay, Comm Towers, Reactors or simply adding a few Barracks goes a long way on a board like this.

Since you decided to add a list of assets to your terrain arsenal, you are going to need to protect them with more than a few bunkers.

BAM!!!!! You need to protect your assets with thick wall sections that were designed to take a beating and keep them out of your goods.

And when you need to ship in fresh troops to man those walls or you’ve had an epic wall breach and you need to skat the heck out of there, BlueForge Terrain has your answer.  Landing Pads.  My favorite of these is the lofted landing pad with the bridge, it’s just awesome.

Saving my favorite thing for last.  I just love the airfield set.  This board is my top pick.

Airfield installation

BlueForge Terrain has a lot more products than I was able to cover in a month.  So go check them out at www.blueforgeterrain.com and tell me what your favorite kit they make is.

To enter in our model terrain company of the month giveaways, like the NGC40k Podcast Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @ngc40k. A random winner is drawn at the end of the month.





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