March Manufacturing Madness Continues

Continuing our Model Terrain Company of the Month with BlueForge Terrain.  I have some pretty sweet kits to show you.  As a big terrain enthusiast myself, I’m very impressed with what these guys are making with foam and bits.  If I could pick these guys brains for a single evening, that would be awesome.

Again Blue Forge Terrain is a custom terrain making company.  They love building this stuff and when they get things together, they put them out there and offer them to the world.  You pick the pieces you want and they custom build them for you.  You can either get them primed black so you can paint them to match your existing scenery or you can have them done up like the photo at a very cost.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

The BlueForge mining facility terrain is pretty spectacular.  It’s big and beefy like what you would expect out of such a facility.  Their full kit even has a landing pad.

Then there is the manufacturing facilities.

Then you need places to store all the stuff these facilities are making.

Then you need crates and containers to hold the widgets being produced that can then be stored in the various sized warehouses.  Then you need a crane to move the containers around.  See where I’m going with this.  Man the folks over at BlueForge Terrain are inspiring.

I have a lot more from BlueForge Terrain to share this month, so stay tuned.

Go check them out at

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