March Madness is Going Custom

You ever thought about going with custom made terrain?  Custom terrain varies from the simple home made stuff you see on Ebay to top notch stuff you see from Greenleaf.  BlueForge Terrain is a top tier custom terrain company that delivers their works for an affordable price.  They are constantly expanding the products they offer and it awe inspiring to see what these guys create.  Their products are a mix of plastic kits and custom cut foam.  They offer them fully painted and detailed or you can get them primed in black allowing you to paint it to match your existing terrain.

Kick up the foot rest and lean back in those recliners, March Madness Model Terrain Company of the Month is going custom with BlueForge Terrain.

Let’s start off with some sweet pieces.  Everyone loves pipeworks, they can be used on just about every table to give it some industrial feel.  I really like the raised truss framed pipes.

Pipes have to lead somewhere, drain something, or fill something.  An easy go to is a tank of some sort.  The tank terrain pieces they make are excellent places to start.  They are killin it with the large tank on the platform.  Are you getting motivated to build a table, I know I am.

If creating your own table and grabbing bits and pieces from different vendors isn’t your thing, and you just want an entire set up right out of the box?  BlueForge Terrain has you covered with their Chemical Plant and their large Chemical Plant Collection.

Best of all they have their own custom tables to put all this beautiful terrain on too.  The Chemical Plant Table is incredible.

Chemical Plant Table

I have a lot more from BlueForge Terrain to share throughout the month, so stay tuned.

Go check them out at

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