It is Sunday Night oh What a Night

Tonight the infamous Dan and Glenn from The Narrative Guys was on the show.  I had a great time chatting them up, two wonderful people that are passionate about the hobby and narrative gaming.

The evening started off like a scary movie for anyone  in media as my equipment that was supposed to be simple was failing me.  I went with an even simpler approach and it ran great.  But let me tell you for 30min, I was screaming like Jamie Lee Curtis inside.

We had a great conversation from what got them into 40k, to what drove them to narrative gaming, to their philosophies on terrain building.  I can’t wait to share that with you guys.  Look for that in episode 37.

To Glenn and Dan, huge thank you for being patient for this interview.  I look forward to buying you a beer at Adepticon.  Until then, have a great narrative game.

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