Grab ya Mallets Boyz

Saving my favorite for last, the Wargames Tournaments Junk Town terrain is not only fun to build, but opens plenty of possibilities.  I had several bits left and I was saving them to use on other terrain to add to the entire scene.

The first thing an ork wants to do after lootin the populace is build a place to protect all that new scrap.  Wargames Tournaments has a good collection of defensive structures to protect your Junk Town.  Wall sections, barricades, security and watch towers, a landing pad and my favorite, a working outer gate.

They even give you a deal while showing you a cool way of assembling some of the kits.


Wargames Tournaments also has several buildings for your town, including a really cool Quonset hut.  The kits have their base components to create the general structure and they include a sheet of scrap metal bits that allow you to layer it on as thick as you want.  You tend to get way more than you need, making it great for using on other terrain in your collection.  It’s a really good way to expand the town with pieces that help tie it all together.

And if you need more sheets of scrap metal, they have a variety of sizes available.

They have a few extras for the Junk Town scenery, like a signal tower and horizontal fluid tanks.

Another thing I like about this terrain is it gives you so much opportunity for weathering and other effects.

Thank you Wargames Tournaments, it has been fun sharing your collections.

Go check out what Wargames Tournaments has to offer.  Follow them on Facebook at Wargames Tournaments.

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