Industrial Terrain

Necromunda is all over the place.  Games Workshop has done an incredible job reintroducing this game to their fans.  The setting has a strong hive city industrial feel and has people searching for some unique bits and boards.

There is some great terrain out there for it and Wargames Tournaments has two differing terrain sets for this along with all the goodies to make it pop.  When I first found them I was blown away by the industrial board and I knew I wanted that to be one that we picked up during our store terrain drive.


The Industrial Set.  I mean look at it, this thing is cool.  These give me so many ideas, including having them fighting across the roof top of a large factory.  Put some tubing up the center of the towers and you’ve created smoke stacks with overhead gantries and service platforms.

Since then they have expanded this to include other pieces that you could easily tie into this set have stand on it’s own.

Wargames Tournaments has even added an entirely new set called the Slot and Stack industrial set.  The cool thing about this set is that it is modular, meaning you can configure it in as many ways as you can dream up.  It is also designed to be taken apart after each game for easy storage.  The pieces of the kit have less removed surface area, making them stronger for wear and tear of assembling and disassembling.  The burn in designs mean it’s not sacrificing detail to achieve that balance.


What good is a industrial complex without a crane.  How bout a really big crane!


I so want this thing.

And of course a board is never complete without scatter terrain, the spice of the gaming board.

One last thing I want to mention about Wargames Tournaments Industrial Terrain is they have bits for you to make your own.  Various doors, window, ports, and other sorts of goodies.  Let your creativity expand your terrain and the Industrial bits help tie it all together.

I have a lot more from Wargames Tournaments to share throughout the month, so stay tuned.

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