A Table Centerpiece


It’s been crazy busy here at the NGC house.  Apoc Events, planning NGC events, hobbying and then there is this guy.  A while back I volunteered to help raise money for Blake and Ed, from the Life After the Cover Save, to go to England.  I offered to construct a building like I do for my Apoc Games.  Since it was a prize, I put in a lot of extra work to make it as special as I could for the raffle winner.  I was competing with a TableWar case and it’s pretty hard to top that.

I really wanted to get this project complete and to David the winner of the building.  So after the Apoc Luck Finale I dropped everything I was working on and solely focused on this project to wrap it up.  And now it’s complete and I’m ready to show it off.

I’ll post a full progress album on the NGC40K Facebook page for folks to look at how I built this.

Watch for the Christmas episode to drop soon.

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