Drop the Base

We are back again to cover more from Systema Gaming.  In this article it’s all about that base.  Base – O is Systema Gamings other great terrain series.  They sent me a few of these kits to give away to some lucky listeners, so stay to the end to find out how you can win some sweet kits.

I really like the look of the Base-O series.  It gives me a lot of creative ideas on how to use them, deep bug outpost, scientific research facility, warzone medical station, mining facility to name a few.

Let’s take a closer look.  They have some great buildings in this series, to many to show them all.  Like the Futura City series, these are stackable and adjustable.  These are high quality mdf kits.  I’ve seen the kits close up and now I want to see a Base-O on my table in future narrative games.

Looking for other building options, go to Systema Gaming and check out the different combo ideas they have put together.


What would an outpost be without accessories?

Command centers, generators, laser barriers and more, these accessories are just plain cool.

I won’t stop there.  Let’s spice up the exteriors that make staking the kits more exciting.  As I say in the Apoc Luck, Go Big or Go Home and these extras allow you to go big and look good doing it.  Walkways, storage tanks, helipads and so much more.


Mdf terrain has come along way and Systema Gaming is one of the few on the leading edge.

You add these kits to a collection of kits I’ve shown you in previous months and you would be the envy of your gaming neighborhood.

Go check out what Systema Gaming has to offer.  Follow them on Facebook at Systema Gaming.

To enter in our model terrain company of the month giveaways, like the NGC40k Podcast Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @ngc40k.  A random winner is drawn at the end of the month.


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