Late September Closer

Hey Listeners,

I wanted to get one more blast out for Death Ray Designs before starting our October.  Last year David, Matt, Ted and I ran the Titanicus events at Adepticon.  They were a lot of fun and I look forward to helping out next year.  I’m always one for trying to create something new and with that I sought out Death Ray Designs help.  I saw there Rapid Vanguard set and I was blown away.  It reminded me of the classic Dawn of War stuff and it is still a must have set for me.

This set is as good as it looks and is easy to assemble.

After seeing it, it gave me an idea for Adepticon.  Let’s make it Bigger!  I asked if they could do it and they more than met my expectations.

Then while I was at Adepticon I went to the Death Ray Design booth to personally thank them for creating these to the scale I was hoping for.  They were as nice in person as they were through our email conversations.

Another series that truly grabbed my attention, the Rust Pointe series.  Shanty town with all the fixins.  My mind immediately went back to the Kastorel Novem board I wanted to build.   I think these kits would really help take my idea from concept to reality.

The Rapid Vanguard and Rust Pointe series are top notch.

Death Ray Designs is continuously creating new top notch kits and collections.  I’m certain they have something to make your table pop.

Go check out Death Ray Designs.

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