Valedor Apocalypse!

Apoc Luck XXI: The Fireheart Awakens

I’ve been talking about it.  I’ve been posting on twitter and the 1houranight Facebook group.  I thought I would share it with everyone.  Our first Apocalypse event in 8th edition.

I spent two months working on this particular Valedor table.  Giving myself an hour of hobby time (Primaris Rainbow Warriors) and the table an hour.  Then the final week it had all my attention until late Friday night.  My biggest challenge was making a hotwire planer.  After a week of trial and error, I got it to work and off I went.  My only freak out moment was when I went to seal the board, five of eight boards frosted up on me and with two days until the event I was a nervous wreck.

I had played a trial run of a large game, one on one, and it went rather quick.  6000pts of Tyranids vs Space Marines, in just over three hours.  It took about four games in 6th edition to really have a system nailed down that was fun and contained into an eight hour gaming day.  The new addition is radically different and most of my house rules were clarifications for the old system.  I went through my old notes and revamped things, phase by phase, for 8th edition.  I viewed this game as the first real test run.

Saturday Morning I packed everything up and went over to our local hobby store Pegasus Games and set up the board.

10am the dice started rolling and Apoc Luck XXI was underway.  We had a chaos player who wanted to participate and I do my best to not turn folks away.  Kenny from the Combat Phase podcast was there with his Ad-Mech army.  We also had Blood Angels and Deathwatch armies there.  How did I fit it in to the current event?  I’ll tell you in episode 33.

Here are a few pics of the event.  You can go here to the Apoc Luck Facebook page to view all the pictures.


There were many big moments in the game.  The Eldar defending the Fireheart to the last.  The shifting tectonic plates causing the demise of a chaos Reaver Titan.  The epic showdown of Karandras and a Heirophant.


Who won?  We all know who won that battle.


Details Peter, give us the Details.

What was my first impressions?  This edition scales incredibly well.

But you said you had house rules?  I do.  Things can turn into a rabble real fast when you get a large group of people.  Most of my rules put some organization to the large scale game with multiple players in mind.  I focused on trying to remove potential issues with sides not having the same number of players or just having more than one player in general.  I also went and revamped some of the old Strategic Assets and turned them into Stratagem Cards for either side to use.

I took notes the entire game while others played.  Where we could simplify things to speed up the game, issues that came up, etc.  In the end I was very happy that most of the problems were with one Stratagem Card I had available and a bit of Command Point adjustments to others.

Any downsides?  Things don’t die as easy in this edition and that was the biggest struggle we had.  The board filled up quickly and we were running out of room to place more things.  The days of full strength Destroyer weapons were gone and it showed.

Yet this isn’t really a negative is it.  It was a very fair fight.  The battles were exciting, units came into their own all over the battlefield.

Apocalypse in this edition is missing large space opening destruction.  Those D-weapons and Orbital Bombardments that make holes for units to surge forward and allowing others to come out of reserve.  It means we get to become creative with game.  We get to invent big destructive tools for our warlords or catastrophic events for our armies to fight through.  And that is half the fun of running a narrative driven event, so what really isn’t a downside could be turned into an event designers upside.

This has me excited for what Warhammer 40k: Chapter Approved brings in December.

Overall it was a great time.  Everyone had fun and the food was incredible.

Friends, Food, 40k & Fun that’s what makes an Apoc Luck.






2 comments on “Valedor Apocalypse!

  1. Hey, I’m actually looking at building my own Apoc board and wanted to ask a few questions, hopefully you don’t mind!

    1) What size table are you playing on there and how crowded did it feel. We typically have about 5v5 at 4k on a 16×8 with my group and things always feel crowded. Especially for deep strike armies that have no where to land except their own side in most situations. We attempted to fix this with a plague that goes through each turn. Our first attempt at making a plague go through the board wound up wiping the ork and ‘nid player on turn one essentially (as they brought a ton of troops). The feeling was that it wasn’t exactly fun, but it did fix the deep strike problem rather quickly…conflicted personally one where to go with this one.

    2) Did you feel like there was enough terrain on the table on the game shown above, or would you have liked to put more?

    3) You mentioned Strategic Assets, any chance you posted your converted ones someone, I would love to look at them! I like your current system a whole lot! It makes use of a risk involved by bidding your own victory conditions. Is there anything experimental that you are trying? We use a similar system, but bid command points to take the first turn (no seizing), all in all we have mixed feelings about it.

    4) How do you split your teams, if multiplayer? Previously, we just split based on flavor, and have had mixed success with that. For our next game however, we’re considering making it based on theoretical damage output to a T8 2+/5+ “target dummy” but not sure if that would be fair or fun though as it can be kinda grueling to calculate damage outputs and such and could cause some weird teams. Wanted an outside opinion.

    If you choose to reply, thanks in advance. Hopefully we see an actually Apoc book come out for 8th edition, but I feel that it is extremely unlikely! Until then, let’s work to refine the game into something that feels good as a community!

  2. The most important rule is to have fun. This does mean that players should expect things to come off the board as quickly as they went on. It’s not a tournament setting, the competitive mindset is out the door. Dramatic moments are what are memorable. I couldn’t tell you anything about the dozen or so tournaments I’ve been to, but I can tell you epic tales of events that happened in all the Apocalypse games I’ve been in.

    1) This board expanded from a 8’x5′ board to a 15’x5′ board. It wasn’t part of the mission, but I adapted and made things interesting. Dawn of war deployment makes things easy, but gets boring quick if played that way all the time. Hammer and anvil is good, but you need to give a deployment edge partially up the sides too or you end up with units that arrive turn 2 that never make it into combat. Don’t be afraid to shake things up. Not every deployment is ideal, but you would never be able to create the fabled Crimson Fists last stand in the center if you didn’t make that the deployment style to start with.
    Apoc is going to be crowded so expect that. More on this in updated rules.
    I require at least 1500pts, 3 color min for the armies. I figure most people have this and I don’t want people to feel they can’t participate because they don’t own 10k worth of stuff. I tend to put a cap on things and that amount depends on if I’m running it as an escalation or a standard game. 5,000pts is my norm for standard games. The finale is totally wide open.

    2) It’s true that you need room for Apoc, in the same point what is the scene. If it’s the city, streets are only going to be so wide and buildings are going to be everywhere. In this board I was following what they had in the book, terrain was suppose to be sparse. I normally go with large terrain pieces to set the stage and fill in with little bits of medium and small terrain to give it some flavor. Let how you plan to have the board determine some guidelines. If you know it’s going to be tight, give a larger deployment zone, or limit the points that get deployed to start with.

    3) More on this, I’m posting some updated rules for everyone to use. I’ve been using set missions, so they spell out who goes first. I do like your command point bid for first turn. How much is it worth to that side to go first? I like it.

    4) I have a theme. I ask for players with those armies to bring them, even if it only the minimum 1500pts. I have a final call a few days before the event and I make adjustments from there. I ask players to bring more or less depending on what it takes to balance it out. If players armies do not fit the scenario I put them on the side that makes the most sense or I have had players participate as their own force ( a sudden chaos incursion in the middle of a battle). Again, I strongly encourage those that fit the theme to participate. It’s so much cooler when Armageddon is Orks vs Imperial, as opposed to Orks, Chaos & Nids vs Imperial, Tau, Eldar and Necrons. I have rules on how to handle varying player numbers on a side, like 3 vs 5 etc..

    I updated my rules since this game based on things I learned with the new addition. A lot should be answered in there. I’ll post them up this weekend.

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