Armageddon It!

Death Ray Designs is our featured Model Terrain Company of the Month for September.  You may have seen their terrain featured on some of The Narrative Guys tables at Wargames Con and Las Vegas Open.  You may also have spotted some of their custom work that I presented at the Titan Event at Adepticon.  I’m not Foolin’ when I say their catalog will have you in Hysteria.

The Black Site series has two parts to it.  First is Site X.  This is a fantastic sci fi outpost series full of blockaded personnel hubs, watch tower units and com relay towers of various forms.


The next part of the series by Death Ray Design is Site Armageddon.  Your Industrial complex full of towers, platforms and walkways.


Both of these Death Ray Design sets work well together and can create some amazing scenery to fight through.  Yet the scene wouldn’t be complete without our favorite spice.  Pour some sugar on. . . okay okay, enough with the Def Leppard references.

Death Ray Designs has all kinds of cool stuff to fill out this setting.  Consoles, terminals, air recyclers, pallets and various storage devices.  An outpost, a dash here and there goes a long way.  An industrial setting, feel free to pour it on by the spoonful, one lump or two.


Haha, okay now I’m done with the Blind Cheetah references.

Go check out Death Ray Designs.

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