The Spice of Gaming Tables

A pinch here.  A dash there.  Scatter terrain can really add to the landscape of your gaming table.  Armorcast has loads of terrain pieces that make excellent scatter terrain.  So much in fact that I recommend visiting their website .  I am only able to show you enough to dip the toe in the waters of all they create and carry.

Some shining examples.  Your trying to find some unique pieces to go in that lab or space vessel.

What about a busy rail yard, loading docks, warehouse, you name it.  Nothing makes that terrain come more alive than having little bits stacked, leaning, piled up and grouped together throughout your gaming table.  Warehouses and docks are full of stuff, this is a time when it is okay to take the cap off the spice bottle and apply in spoonful’s.

When imagination sparks, sometimes you have to just go with it.  Add those missing pieces to your power station, warp gate and chemical facility.  Let the energy fill your vision and conduct it through your gaming table.

Don’t be afraid to stray from the recipe, you never know what unique gaming tables you will create.  Go and check out all the great scatter terrain from Armorcast.

Armorcast was kind enough to send me kits to give away to our listeners.

In addition, Armorcast is giving our listeners 10% off until the end of the year. 

Use coupon code: INQUIS

To enter in our model terrain company of the month giveaways, like the NGC40k Podcast Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @ngc40k.  A random winner is drawn at the end of the month.

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