Scatter Terrain!

We close out July with our featured Model Terrain Company of the Month, GameCraft Miniatures .  Nothing pulls you into the terrain scape more than the little details.  The big terrain is fun, it creates a landscape, yet when have you seen an alley without stuff in it.  When have you gone to a store and found it barren of any features.  A shipping yard is more than cranes and crates.

I’m talking about scatter terrain.  These are those little bits that really sell your tables theme.  I’ve seen first hand how well this can be done by The Narrative Guys.  There’s a reason you want to play on there tables and take as many photos as possible.

Surprisingly, not that many companies carry these amazing little terrain pieces.  So I really want to highlight them when I find them and GameCraft Miniatures has some cool stuff and I hope they add to the collection.


Scatter terrain is like oregano, a little goes a long way, too much and you ruin the recipe.

I hope you check out what Gamecraft Miniatures has to offer.  I’ve purchased their stuff in the past and have a few items on my “must have” list for future projects.  Here’s a link to their Facebook page.

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