Episode 030; Sanctus Reach: The Red Waaagh! IV

In our 30th episode, We talk hobby progress, new hobby plans going forward, terrain and more.

Segment 1: We continue our in depth coverage of the Sanctus Reach campaign series closing out the The Red Waaagh!.
-The Orks are making their final assault on the Aleric Fortess (Sacred Mountain).
-We also cover all eleven missions. You didn’t misread this. There are eleven unique missions.
-Mark and I also discuss playing out a Red Waaagh mission as our way of closing the door on 7th edition.

Segment 2: 8th ed is here! Mark and I had a great game and we want to tell you all about our first impressions.

Battle for Detros Mitus: Tempers flare in the strategium as the Battle for Detros Mitus rages on outside the walls .
(music in this audio drama is Head Space 2 provided by Thomas Prislac of PDXvoiceteacher)
Sorry for the repeat, if you’ve been keeping up with me on Facebook I lost all my writings on my thumbdrive somehow when switching to the new computer. I’m currently in rewrites and will have a new audio drama in episode 31.

Episode 030

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