Terrain Index Tab

Every battle has a story, every story has a stage and every scene requires spectacular terrain to help tell the tale.

Check out the newly added Terrain Index Tab.  It is a compiled list of terrain by type from various companies to help gamers find just what they are looking for.  I have a long list of companies to add yet.  This is only the beginning.

If you know of a company that belongs on this list, please email me at ngc40k@gmail.com

Apoc Luck XVI 2016 Finale

Another great year in the books.  Three years and running.

A huge thank you to our event sponsors: Kromlech, Mechanical Warhorse, and Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Thank you Pickle Jar for catering the event, the food was incredible.

I set out to theme the event after Kastorel Novem and get as many Ork players in the community to participate.  By years end, there was nearly 80,000 pts on the table.  An entire side of Orks!  It was glorious.  Please check out the photo album of the event.  Norm built a custom Ork Blasta Bomma from a B-24 Liberator for the event, it is amazing.

Apoc Luck XVI Last Stand on Kastorel Novem 2016 Finale

Our very own Matt went home with an NGC40k Party Wagon for being the best sportsman of the event.


Episode 024; Keep Walken, a childrens book

In our twenty fourth episode Mark and Peter discuss a wide variety of topics including what we’ve been up to in the hobby, games played and the local Horus Heresy Weekender.

Segment 1: We continue our discussion on the Main Rule Book fluff. Why? Cause there’s some great stuff in there and we wanted to tell you about what you may have been overlooking. This time we cover the Orks and Dark Eldar.

Segment 2: We continue our Exploration of the World of 30k. We know many have taken this leap already, but for those dipping their toes in like Mark and I, we thought it would be a learning experience for us and our listeners. Though for every likeness between 30k and 40k, the game is very much not the same. In this episode we complete the Troops choices.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as the line is holding by the thinnest of threads.

The Mechanical Warhorse giveaway is complete. The winner is announced at the end of the episode.


Episode 024

Leman Russ: The Great Wolf

My mailbox made me smile today.

I did what I set out to do, finish the Primarchs book before the next one arrived.  Roboute Guilliman by David Annandale was an excellent read, I highly recommend it to all our listeners.

I’m expecting to find just as epic a tale written about Leman Russ in the next book in the Primarch series.  I’ve enjoyed other works by Chris Wraight, so I can’t wait to dig in and tell you about it.


2016 Apoc Luck Finale

The close to another great chapter happens on Saturday, November 19th at  Pegasus Games in Madison, WI.  The final battle on Kasterol Novem.  Three fantastic companies have returned to sponsor the event: Kromlech, Mechanical Warhorse, and Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Spots are limited.  Go to the Apoc Luck Facebook page and sign up today.