Local Warhammer Store

img_2845I stopped by the local Warhammer store today.  Had a great conversation with Tony, the store manager, about various products and easing gamer entry into the hobby by promoting more Killteam type and various lower point level games.  I personally love playing at that point level, units matter more, and every model lost truly affects your armies overall performance.

He mentioned some Necromunda type events and a future Kill Team campaign being ran in the store.  He was excited about the upcoming Blood Bowl release.  I have to say, he made me excited for it too. It’s been a long time since I played on a pitch.

We both discussed our excitement for the new snow texture paint.  Best of all, he explained how to get great results with the newer gemstone paints.  A man of knowledge he is.  Glad to have you in our area.


One comment on “Local Warhammer Store

  1. Your post was, well, just really nice. I’m very pleased that we’re seeing a revival of the old specialist games, would love to see revamped versions of Necromunda and Mordheim!

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