Episode 019: So you want to be an Ultramarine

In our nineteenth episode Mark and Peter return after what seems like forever.  We discuss what we’ve been up to in the hobby and games played.  We also discuss The Narrative Guys Beta, the global campaign that Peter discussed in previous episodes; and how we participated in that.

Segment 1:  We review the Space Marines Codex, NGC style.  We delve codex deep into the codex fluff of the Ultramarines.

Segment 2:  We create a narrative campaign from scratch, on the fly.   We go through the who, why and what of the campaign process.  It was a lot of fun creating it and look forward to the first game.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as the orks make their advance on the Sabre Ridge.  (a repeat of last episodes, sorry, family life got in the way of recording the newest segment)


Episode 019

5 comments on “Episode 019: So you want to be an Ultramarine

  1. Hey love the episodes keep them coming.

    For sokething to look at for 1 off or to start 2 armys just finding each other/stumbiling into one another have you looked at horizan wars from osprey? It has a section in its campain part called adventures were two parties end op on too of each other trying to do different things. Even has a cool chart to set up what the forces were doing before that could help/hinder moral. Really interesting for 3 part games and even some custom scenarios using moral and different goals to win games over set objectives.

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