The Narrative Guys Beta is Live

The narrative beta concept and rules.


I’ve been talking about it since Adepticon and it’s finally here.  The worldwide narrative that will decide the themes for the major events like LVO.  It’s in its beta stage, but this is truly exciting and I’m glad I was lucky enough to be a part of it.

You can participate too and I encourage it.  If you want some NGC run event at a Midwest con somewhere, this is where it begins.  You want to see these major narratives tied together across the country, this is where it begins.  You want to see more events like this period, participate and promote.

Follow the link, read up on how the system works and fight for your side!

Episode 018; Exterminatus Part III

In our eighteenth episode Mark and Peter are joined by Andrew, a fellow, now local, ngc40k group member. We review the Exterminatus missions and ideas on other ways to use them in the game. With that we complete our coverage of the Exterminatus Campaign.

This episode closes the door on the Shield of Baal series. It’s been a long journey and I’m glad we were able to bring you all with us. I can’t wait to see what campaign door we open next.

Other discussions include Where we’ve been, What they’ve been working on, the background for Andrew’s NGC force and we close out the episode with some banter about our favorite units in the game.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as the orks make their advance on the Sabre Ridge. Over 10 hours of editing to create this segment.  I really tried to make it worth the wait.

Episode 018

Best One Yet

Just finished recording part one of chapter two for The Battle for Detros Mitus.  I’m truly pumped for this one.  I think it will be my best one yet and I can’t wait to share it with our listeners in Episode 18.  Thanks for your patience on the episodes release.  I will have it out this weekend.

Now I must perform my editing magic and get this audio drama put together.