Dreadnoughts Done Right

A listener of the show tried the dreadnought conversion idea I used on my Raven Guard Ironclad.  We discussed the full conversion in episode 005.

Thank you Luke for submitting a photo of your dreadnought conversion.  The simple addition of a washer really adds some much needed stature to the Imperial Dreadnought.


3 comments on “Dreadnoughts Done Right

  1. Hey, thanks for the idea and for posting my picture! I will say this: I used two washers instead of one and while I forget the exact size I purchased(I bought three sizes to test) they did NOT fit entirely over the waist dome. There is a gap between them and the waist that I green stuffed smooth to make his new “waist” look like some kind of armoured segment he swivels on. Also, you know you read too much GW when you’re an American and use the Queen’s English spelling of armoured lol.

    The washers I used cost me 17 cents each from a Sears store. I want to say they MIGHT have been a 5/16″ washer.

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