Adepticon Bound!

I had a great weekend and I hope you did too.  I’m looking forward to this next weekend.  I’m going to Adepticon for the first time.  I’ll be down there mid-day Friday, participating in the Titanicus event Friday night and hanging out all Saturday morning.  I’ll be sporting an ngc40k t-shirt, if you see me please come by and say hi.


Episode 016; Grand Scale 40k Games

In our sixteenth episode Mark and Peter talk 40k on a grand scale. The discussions include the Milwaukee based D-Company annual Big Game and hotel troubles. Peter follows this discussion with the detailed concerns, potential expanding, inner workings and overall growing pains of the Apoc Luck event.

Bolter Segment: The Battle for Detros Mitus continues as Cadian Lieutenant Sahmlu informs Sergeant Valus of his defense positions along Sabre Ridge.

Episode 016

Dreadnoughts Done Right

A listener of the show tried the dreadnought conversion idea I used on my Raven Guard Ironclad.  We discussed the full conversion in episode 005.

Thank you Luke for submitting a photo of your dreadnought conversion.  The simple addition of a washer really adds some much needed stature to the Imperial Dreadnought.


Upcoming Apoc Luck

The upcoming Apoc Luck is shaping up nicely.  As I’ve discussed on the show, we are doing “The Raid on Kastorel Novem”.  We have a seven players creating a solid wall of Orks on one side and another seven representing the Imperium.  And yes, the Raven Guard will be present.

Over 40,000 pts of smaller units.  In addition, 12 Super Heavies will be on the table.

This is an excellent start to the Apoc Luck season.

“Go Big of Go Home”