It’s time we revived this

Calling all video gamers on Xbox and PlayStation, let’s revive a video game.  Specifically, Space Marine.

Space Marine is a fun game set in the world of 40k.  Not only was the play through addicting, the online play is a blast too.  I’m going to start setting some time aside on Saturday nights (9pm CST until I run out of beer) to play the heck out of this game online.  Look for me on xbox live, my tag ends in smurf.

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Episode 013; The Death of a Character

In our thirteenth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and the main show topic is The Death of a Character. Ideas on how to handle it, help drive your narrative story and battlefield big picture concepts that you may not have thought of.

Bolter Segment: Is taking a hiatus for this episode after all the work involved in the compilation. I will pick up where chapter one left off in episode 14.

Episode 013

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A Call to Arms

Hey ngc40k listeners,

A friend of the show is putting together a Kickstarter to create a fulltime YouTube channel devoted to the hobby.  Please show your support by subscribing to his channel and backing his dream financially any way you can. #helptemplarscrusade01

Go to his Facebook page Templarscrusade01 he has links on how to support the effort before the Kickstarter goes live.

Some Raven Guard Goodies

Putting some work into my Raven Guard.  Here is my progress on a Deimos Pattern Razorback for my 40k list.  It has a custom made assault cannon turret to match the Rhino pattern.  I really wanted the interior to look sharp for one of them.  The rest of my vehicles will be sealed shut.  A show piece I guess.