Episode 012 Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 012 Holiday Extravaganza


In our twelth episode Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and some major life changes. The theme of the show is “What do you want out of your hobby for Christmas and next year?” We also pose the question “If you could sit on Jervis Johnson’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas from Games Workshop, what would it be? The naming Peter’s jump Chaplain contest is still going, so submit your naming ideas. We hear from a few new friends and have an interview with Kenny from Combat Phase and learn about the gaming scene in Sweden.

Bolter Segment: The 2015 Bolter Compilation. Ten minutes of exciting drama through the ears of Sergeant Valus.

Getting some great results

I love all the new activity on our forums.  We have been approving the registration of a lot of listeners.  It’s exciting.

I’m getting some really fantastic names for my Honoured Sons Chaplain.  keep them coming in.  My Honoured Sons have a heavy Roman theme, if that helps give you ideas.  Mark said we are giving away something to the person that comes up with the name I choose.  Don’t know what that is yet, but I’ll get together with him and see what he’s got cooking up.

Finally, I’ve been working on the bolter compilation.  I realized there were some holes in the story that needed filling to make it one coherent chapter.  The script for that is complete and I’ll begin recording the voices for the audio this evening.  I can’t wait to get that together and out to the listeners.


NGC40k Episode 011


Episode 011

In our eleventh episode Mark and Peter are joined by their friend Norm to discuss hobby, the 2015 Apoc Luck Finale in all it’s glory.  Again we would like to thank Kromlech, Mechanical Warhorse, and Secret Weapon Minatures for sponsering the free event.  In this episode we also include a bonus topic of the how’s, when’s and why’s of Naming a character model. This also includes a special challenge for our listeners.

Bolter Segment: Sergeant Valus inspires the Imperial Guard and defends the position with an air strike.

Hobby Spotlight: Norm’s custom Realm of Battle Board. (Hobby Photos)

No Delays

Hey listeners, episode 11 will be released tomorrow.  I don’t want to delay it, so I’m going to send it out with a re-run of the bolter segment.  This past four weeks has been brutal on me.  A health scare, followed by a cold, a surgery, the cold turned into an infection, another surgery, recover from infection, and since my daughter likes to share and this time instead of chocolate it was another nasty head cold.  The recording of this episode was the one day I actually felt okay.  What it comes down to is my voice is shot at the moment, preventing me from doing the voices.

Here is my pledge before the holiday season.  A double length bolter segment tied into the end of the year compilation of all the story pieces.

Thanks for understanding.